New characters bring new life to Street Fighter 5, sexual assault accusations hit the FGC, Street Fighter 6 predictions, and Rose players are liars

EventHubs Podcast episode 64

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • August 14, 2019 at 7:31 p.m. PDT | Comments: 41

We're back with this week's episode of the EventHubs Podcast and while we're excited to finally have some thoroughly positive reports on the status of Street Fighter 5, another rain cloud has made its way into our atmosphere.

Sexual assault allegations have begun springing up in alarmingly high numbers in our community this week as both parties on both the victim and victimizer fronts have come forward with allegations/confessions.

We address this sobering part of the news on this week's cast, looking for ways to move forward and progress in a way that makes the FGC a more inviting place to be.

We've also been heavily exploring the newest Street Fighter 5 characters, and have some deeper insights on how they're playing, affecting the game, and affecting the community's general feelings.

More SF5 content looks to be on the horizon as we turn our eyes to September, November, and December as possible release windows. The more distant horizon likely holds Street Fighter 6, and we go into why and when we think that will come to fruition.

Also, Rose players are dirty liars. Also, also, be sure to check out r/SF Radio to keep that fighting game podcast combo going strong.


01:04 - Rumors of a Winter Bundle for SF5
07:26 - Why people are liking the new characters
25:35 - Keep your eyes on Tokyo Game Show (September)
27:30 - Super SF5 in December? (Jon's history lesson)
35:56 - V-Triggers and the need for new defense
50:00 - Ono says no Street Fighter 6 yet... Ono is a big fat liar (like Rose players)... when's SF6?
53:22 - Sexual harassment/misconduct allegations in the FGC
1:00:11 - Capcom's eSports "generates an insignificant amount of revenue" and why that's totally okay right now
1:04:35 - How to Honda
1:18:08 - Poison secretly the best of the three?
1:20:53 - Lucia's fun and intriguing design

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