'I've given up on seeing Viper in Street Fighter 5' - Sherryjenix talks SF5, getting Arslan Ash to EVO, the Women of the FGC EVO panel, and more

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • August 13, 2019 at 6:20 p.m. PDT | Comments: 24

One of the more recognizable faces in fighting games today, VP|Sherryjenix sat down with BornFree at EVO this year to talk a whole lot about fighting games.

Sherry has garnered more and more notoriety through her consistent traveling to events, appearances on eSports productions such as ELEAGUE's The Challenger and the upcoming Street Fighter League Season 2, and her community work through her eFight Pass program.

It was actually through the aforementioned eFight Pass that Sherry directly helped Pakistani competitor VS|Arslan Ash make it to EVO 2019. For those that don't recognize the name, Ash took first place in Tekken 7 over the favorite, ROX|Knee.

Sherry's EVO was especially busy as she participated not only in interviews like this one but also the Women of the FGC panel. She chats with Born about the goings-on and significance behind this panel, especially as the fighting game community attempts to transition into being more welcoming to women in general.

As if that weren't enough, Sherry also discusses her successful SFL campaign, her FGC beginnings, the new Street Fighter 5 characters, her diminishing hopes for C. Viper in SF5 and more.

We've included timestamps below the embed so that you can jump around to various points in the conversation if you wish. Let us know your favorite parts in the comments once you've listened.


00:00 WNF clip.
00:44 BornFree Intro.
01:53 Question/Topic: Intros. Getting Arslan Ash his Visa for the US. He won EVO Tekken.
05:56 Question/Topic: Explanation of EFight Pass. How and why Sherry started it.
15:29 Question/Topic: Street Fighter League Season 2 voting process, campaigning & controversy. Including strategy.
25:57 Question/Topic: How has your EVO been this year? How is it different?
27:33 Question/Topic: How do you feel about playing and competing (now that you are known as a “personality”)?
30:00 Question/Topic: Going back to SFL, tell me about the inspiration for the Hillary Clinton style campaign video?
32:26 Question/Topic: ELeague & more SFL S2 details, including Sherry’s strategy going into the tournament.
37:09 Question/Topic: Do you want to see Viper return in SFV?
38:25 Question/Topic: Why was the “Women of the FGC” panel at this EVO so important?
Inc. previously (2010) there was a “Ladies of EVO tournament”.
41:11 Question/Topic: Historical. How did you get into the FGC?
51:50 Question/Topic: Thoughts on the Honda, Poison, Lucia trailer?
54:45 Question/Topic: Why did you stick with / get sucked into fighting games?
57:15 BornFree Outro.

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