Fighting games should be designed to be fun first, balance and accessibility can follow after; Maximilian talks game design, his career, and more

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • August 12, 2019 at 6:21 p.m. PDT | Comments: 47

We're back with the second half of BornFree's EVO interview with Maximilian as the two YouTubers chat all things fighting games.

Max has a bunch to share when it comes to the evolution of his craft, detailing some of the histories behind such endeavors as ASSIST ME!, Rate the Super, Boss Rage, and Real Talk. He also goes a bit into the woes of being a full-time content creator, such as how he usually finds himself burned out at least once a year, questioning if he really wants to continue the grind.

Luckily for us, Max has continued to produce both entertaining and insightful fighting game content despite snags in the road and naysayers along the way. He and Born touch on this from a few angles as they discuss Max's history thus far.

One of the many topics they get to involves the hot topic of fighting game accessibility and design. Max feels that designing games for fun vs. for balance/competition is a better approach, and backs this up with a few relevant examples.

This is a follow up to part one, and though you don't absolutely have to have seen that video to appreciate this one, we do recommend you check it out at some point.

Give the interview a watch via the embed here and share your reactions in the comments. We've included Born's timestamps below the embed so you can jump about if you don't want to listen to the whole thing all at once.


00:00 Preview clip.
01:05 BornFree Intro.
02:44 Question/Topic: Content creation - will fighting games remain the focus going forward?
04:39 Question/Topic: What sacrifices have you made because of the content grind?
07:05 Question/Topic: Do you ever play games off-stream or not recorded?
07:59 Question/Topic: Was there ever a plan B?
10:40 Question/Topic: How do you see the relationship between YouTube and Twitch? Constructive criticism.
13:24 Question/Topic: What does it feel like streaming in front of 10,000 people?
16:04 Question/Topic: ‘Boss Rage’ - what’s the deal with failure? People like watching it.
20:07 Question/Topic: Dealing with hate and haters?
25:05 Question/Topic: Was there a moment where you almost gave up? Overworking and the importance of going outside every now and then…!
31:05 Question/Topic: Which content series has surprised you the most in terms of its reception?
33:03 Question/Topic: Fighting game accessibility discussion. Including designing for fun vs designing for balance/competition. NEO G designed for fun.
38:13 Question/Topic: Reminiscing about E3 2015 and thanking each other.
40:52 Question/Topic: How do you spend your time at EVO? Including Cannon Awards.
45:31 Question/Topic: Final words?
46:46 Question/Topic: Final question. Are there any new fighting games you are interested in?
47:58 BornFree Outro.

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