Raw emotional ending for the Zackray vs. MkLeo Super Smash Bros. Ultimate set at Super Smash Con 2019

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • August 11, 2019 at 2:51 p.m. PDT

It's difficult to argue against FOX|MkLeo being the number one Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player in the world right now. Very few players can say that they've been able to take a tournament set over him.

He's just one of the top competitors that's present at Super Smash Con 2019 this weekend. Eventually, he found himself matched up against GW|Zackray.

This 17-year-old prodigy is thought of as being one of Japan's best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players. Many would even say that Zackray is the absolute best from Japan.

As usual, MkLeo made use of Joker during this set. Zackray used Wolf for the first three games, but eventually switched to fighting as R.O.B. for the remainder of the match up.

Despite Zackray's successes as a professional Super Smash Bros. Ultimate competitor, he has never been able to defeat MkLeo in bracket. His performance during this confrontation certainly suggested that he could do it.

Zackray threw everything at MkLeo and managed to take the first game as Wolf. It appeared as though MkLeo had caught on to Zackray's plays with Wolf as he then proceeded to take the next two games.

One more victory would win it for MkLeo. With his back to the corner, Zackray made a risky move and switched to R.O.B. Interestingly enough, this decision ended up paying off.

With some clutch plays, Zackray managed to tie the set. The score was 2-2. You can tell that Zackray was hopeful for the end result.

As Zackray was able to achieve an early stock lead, he was then successful at chipping additional damage on MkLeo's second stock. Things were looking very promising for Zackray.

Eventually, MkLeo was able to take back the lead, but only just barely. Zackray was down, but not out.

While both players' percentages exceeded 100 in the final game's last moments, the tension became thick. One wrong move from either player would be enough to decide everything.

Inevitably, MkLeo was able to clutch everything out as he typically does. When this happened, we saw a very raw and passionate emotional response from Zackray.

It was clear that he was extremely disappointed that he was able to come so close to taking the set off of MkLeo.

Despite the result, MkLeo appeared to congratulate Zackray on his performance as the crowd chanted Zackray's name.

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