'There's a lingering sadness amongst the Capcom fighting game community' - Maximilian and BornFree chat for a spell

Marvel Infinite, Chun-Li costumes, growing a 1 million-subscriber+ YouTube channel, and much more

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • August 9, 2019 at 1:43 p.m. PDT

The fighting game community is in for a treat as two of our most beloved YouTubers have finally made it into the same video. BornFree and Maximilian sit down to discuss a plethora of FGC-related content ranging from the status of Capcom and its recent titles, a look back to analyze the not-so-distant past, Max's rise from 3,000 subs back in the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 days to over 1 million now, and plenty more.

It takes an especially efficient balancing act to simultaneously inform and entertain as effectively as Max does. He shares some of his approaches with us and grants some insight on how he's become one of the absolute best at what he does.

"Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is the best-playing Capcom game since Capcom vs. SNK 2." If you've been around this community since 2017, you know how powerful a statement like that really is.

Infinite's ultimate failure urges many of us to look back at it with little to no redemption in our eyes, but Max has long been a proponent of the latest MvC's successes, which were not insignificant.

This is a testament to the streamer's insight and ability to analyze a bit further than most. He also touches on the performances of a few other titles like Mortal Kombat 11 and Street Fighter 5, analyzing their current situations with similar tact.

As an hour-long interview, this is the kind of video you'll want to treat with podcast etiquette. If you'd like to skip around to certain points in the conversation we've included Born's timestamps below the embed.


00:00 Preview clip.
00:21 BornFree Intro.
02:00 Question/Topic: Introductions. The responsibilities of being an Influencer.
04:22 Question/Topic: E Honda and the SFV EVO DLC trailer / new characters.
06:18 Question/Topic: Is there anything that Capcom can do to bring new people into SFV now? More on the trailer / announcement.
11:15 Question/Topic: Reminiscing over E3 2015 when we played SFV for the first time. First impressions.
14:01 Question/Topic: The FGC vs BROADER potential fighting game market. Players vs fans/spectators?
19:07 Question/Topic: The current state and future of Capcom Fighting Games? Marvel? The genius of USF2.
23:52 Question/Topic: Has some of the fun been lost? Too much emphasis on balance and esports? SFV beta to final game. Anti-shoto game?
28:13 Question/Topic: From the launch of ‘Marvel vs Capcom 3’ til now. Hitting 1m subscribers. Evolution of content / type of content.
34:37 Question/Topic: Content creation “aha” moments? Growth of team and content? Working with Capcom. How Max grew his channel, eventually to 1m subs.
40:29 Question/Topic: You are known as a very hard worker. How do you maintain the grind / high workload? Learning as he goes!
44:16 Question/Topic: Was planning new ‘Assist Me’ for MVCI. Scripts were written. The X-Men?
45:49 Question/Topic: “MVCI is the best playing Capcom game since CVS2”. E3 and the “shilling” incident. The failure of Marvel. Will there be a new game?
50:16 Question/Topic: Would you play a Capcom Allstars in the style of Marvel vs Capcom? Functions!
51:38 Question/Topic: If Capcom releases another fighting game, what should it be to capture people's imagination? Gimmicks.
52:46 Question/Topic: Tekken’s appeal?
55:27 Question/Topic: End of part 1, tease of part 2…

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