Punk lands a big Lucia combo but feels himself a little too soon in this intense Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition clip

Punk being Punk is always so dang entertaining

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • August 9, 2019 at 12:32 p.m. PDT

With Street Fighter 5 having seen three new DLC characters added to the game this week, players everywhere are taking the time to try each one out to see how good they might be and what they're all about.

One of the best Street Fighter 5 players in the world, REC|Punk, has been giving newcomer Lucia a shot as of late and playing her on his stream. A clip from a recent broadcast captured by HiFight shows us a particularly hilarious moment where Punk feels himself just a little too soon...

In the clip, we see Punk facing off against an E. Honda player online. After going for a cross up and making a big read on Honda's EX Headbutt, Punk follows closely behind with Lucia's slide, allowing him to punish.

With Honda cornered, Punk unleashes a long V-Trigger combo that ends with Critical Art and for sure the win. Or so he thought...

"Yo, I'm RIDICULOUS! Get out of my stream, everyone!" Punk says in celebration. That pop off is followed immediately by a quiet, "oh wait, nevermind..." as the Honda lives with a pixel of health remaining.

With the clock winding down, the Honda player stalks Punk as he bobs and weaves in and out of danger. Bringing Punk all the way to the other corner, things end up not looking great for the top notch Street Fighter 5 player.

If you want to see how the round ends, you'll have to check out the clip below. Also, be sure to head over to Punk's Twitch channel for even more Lucia action.

Click image to view the clip

Photo credit: Capcom Fighters on YouTube.

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