MOV stays on offense forever, Bonchan's Sagat does work, Kichipa-Mu pops off hard, and more; Capcom's top 5 Street Fighter 5 moments from EVO 2019

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Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • August 8, 2019 at 10:29 a.m. PDT

We're still reeling from all the action over EVO weekend, but it's time to relive the hype as Capcom Fighters has produced their five top moments from the Street Fighter 5 bracket.

Some of these stem from the amazing top eight finals wherein players like RB|Bonchan and NASR|Big Bird showcased amazing skill and mettle as they continued to perform under immense pressure, but others come from earlier bouts that still left our jaws agape.

Kichipa-Mu is one of the few Zangief players we see performing well on the regular, and his vortex comeback against the top online player in the world, Trashbox, to get into top eight was nothing short of extraordinary.

While this may have been good enough to get him on the board by itself, Kichipa's follow up pop off involving a giant, inflatable Birdie donut really put a bow on this particular moment.

MOV and his Chun-Li really took it to the 2018 champion, Mouz|Problem X, with a sequence of attacks that seemed unending. Whether he was being hit or blocking the onslaught, Problem X seemed to just have to sit there and take it all.

Check out the top five countdown here and then let us know which moment was your personal favorite in the comments even if it wasn't one of the ones Capcom chose to highlight.

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