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Street Fighter 5 will have big new announcements coming in November and December

How many more characters will we see in 2019?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • August 4, 2019 at 12:11 p.m. PDT • Comments: 240

Those holding out hope that Capcom's leak earlier this week about E. Honda, Poison and Lucia joining Street Fighter 5's roster after EVO 2019 was just a ruse by the company for a bigger reveal on finals day appear to have those hopes definitively put out... for now.

Street Fighter's longtime producer, Yoshinori Ono, took to the stage prior to the start of SF5's top 8 finals to give a quick speech that there will be no new announcements today outside of what already leaked though he clued us in on when to expect more fighting game content from Capcom.

Ono said that his team scrambled to try and put together some sort of extra reveal for EVO finals following the leak, but it didn't quite come together in the end.

Instead, the fighting game veteran developer revealed that new Street Fighter announcements would be coming later on in 2019. One happening in November followed by one in December.

"There's nothing in Blanka's pocket today," said Ono after being coaxed onstage by WWE star Xavier Woods. "But look forward to a new Street Fighter [5] announcement in November and December. We will make sure Blanka has a gift in his pocket at this year's Capcom Cup at [the venue] in Los Angeles."

Ono mentions that Capcom Cup 2019 will be the place where the team will show off the December announcement likely during finals on Dec. 15 while it's safe to assume that the November reveal will be coming at the North America Regional Final in Las Vegas, Nevada which is set to run from Nov. 16–17.

These announcements will assumedly contain new characters given that we are getting the Summer character pass with E. Honda, Poison and Lucia later today. While Ono did not specifically say Street Fighter 5 announcements in his speech, the giant scroll he was reading off of did have the numbered title written down — so don't get your hopes up for Street Fighter 6 just yet.

You can take a look at Ono's big speech on his big green scroll in the archive below along with Xavier Woods' heartfelt introduction for the Street Fighter team.

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