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A silver lining to the Street Fighter 5 pre EVO leak? Capcom is leaning into this unfortunate scenario, and it might pay off in big ways

No mistakes, just happy little accidents?

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • August 2, 2019 at 5:51 p.m. PDT • Comments: 82

The big news for Street Fighter 5 fans heading into EVO 2019 weekend was the fact that the three characters that were supposed to be revealed after finals on Sunday had been leaked on the Steam Store mid-afternoon on Wednesday. While this was unequivocally unfortunate for Capcom, it seems they're making the very best of a bad situation.

After the dam broke in the middle of the week, Capcom chose to lean into the leak and go ahead with an early announcement. A few hours after the initial video started making the rounds, Capcom released individual character trailers for Honda, Lucia, and Poison, posted the character profile pages on the CFN website, and admitted that everything was supposed to be revealed on Sunday. This also opened up the option to showcase the new content via ads on Capcom's live stream during EVO, and they're doing just that.

We've been watching Capcom Fighters and have observed that the live broadcast takes a break and shows the DLC character spot about once every hour or so. We should keep in mind that this sampling is from day one pools, which get a good amount of viewership but certainly not as much as when the later bracket action starts to heat up.

We've seen Twitch concurrent viewers hang around an average of 18k-20k while the YouTube stream has been sitting around 6k viewers on average. Let's take a conservative assessment and say that they're averaging 25k viewers for the 24 total hours they're slated to stream on both Friday and Saturday.

If they were to break and highlight the newcomers 24 times over the first two days, that would mean roughly 600k views.

Even if we then speculate that the three-hour finals garner a very low estimate of even just 150k viewers for this year, (last year we got up to 215k but that number dropped to around 170k by the end of finals according to GitHyp) that's an additional 450k times people will see the ad.

This brings the grand total of new content views for the weekend to just over 1 million... and it's likely that number winds up to be a good bit higher in reality. Compare this to the roughly 170k pairs of eyes that were watching when Capcom showcased G and Sagat, and it's very clear that the company gets a significantly greater bang for its buck going the pre-EVO reveal route.

Now we won't go as far as to say that Capcom (and other developers, for that matter) should start planning on doing their reveals before the big dance in Vegas each year, but perhaps a split presentation would be the most efficient way to do business?

Releasing something major before EVO starts up, promoting it throughout the event, and then giving a cherry-on-top secondary reveal after finals seems like an idea to try out at the very least.

What do you think of all this? We'd love to hear your reactions to this idea as well as any similar ideas you may have come up with. Hit up the comments to share your two cents on the matter.

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