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Update: Official move listings and character breakdowns released for E. Honda, Poison and Lucia in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition

Poison is very different indeed

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • August 1, 2019 at 10:15 a.m. PDT • Comments: 65

Update: The Capcom Unity blog has included more details about the new world warriors' move sets which we've included after the jump alongside the previous information

Three new characters will be joining the roster of Street Fighter 5 after EVO 2019 finals on Sunday, August 4, in E. Honda, Poison and Lucia, but it looks as though we won't need to wait any longer to see all of what the fighters have to offer for move sets.

Capcom has released the official character breakdowns and full move listings for the trio of new fighters via their Shadaloo Combat Research Institute website including some very familiar attacks plus some brand new.

E. Honda appears to be largely as you'd expect him to be with access to his Hundred Hand Slap, headbutt, Sumo Smash and Oicho Throw including using the same old inputs from the previous games even though Capcom had changed similar moves like Lightning Legs.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Poison only really shares her Love Me Tender special while losing her fireball and rekkas to be replaced with a much longer whip instead with a handful of brand new attacks.

Lucia appears to be somewhat reminiscent of Omega Mode Ken from Ultra Street Fighter 4 considering she kicks her fireballs though she also has a command dash and a bunch of fiery attacks. Hell, even her Critical Art looks similar to Ken's.

You can take a look at each characters full move list and breakdown below.


Originating from the Mad Gear Gang, Poison went on to various wrestling organizations with her partner Hugo before they had a falling out. in Street Fighter 5, she has returned to Metro City in search of a new partner. This time around, Poison fights with a full-length whip to strike opponents from afar.

Long-range attacks with the whip: Poison's overwhelming whip range attacks opponents from outside of their range.

Avant Line: This is a multi-hitting whip attack.

Heart Line: This special move sees Poison hit with her whip at high, mid, or low angles. During the start up stance, Poison can cancel out and move or return to her normal neutral stance.

V-Skill - Perfume Swing: Poison swings in close to her opponent like a wrecking ball. This can be used for surprise attack, to avoid fireballs or simply to close the gap between you and the opponent.

V-Trigger 1 - Poison Cocktail: This V-Trigger lets Poison toss out a molotov cocktail at her foe either upwards or straight at them. Where the bottle hits the ground, a flaming puddle will emerge, which causes damage if the opponent is near it. On hit, it can also be used for combo extensions.

V-Trigger 2 - Toxic Glamor: With VT2, Poison gains access to two new special command throws — one up close and one from far away. This gives her the ability to command throw opponents from a distance, and both throws can be combo-ed into from special moves.

SF5 new move lists image #1 SF5 new move lists image #2 SF5 new move lists image #3

E. Honda

A world-renowned sumo wrestler, E. Honda moves around the world hoping to bring more attention to the sport of sumo wrestling. He is also an advocate of public bathhouses. Expect plenty of flash and showmanship in his fighting style.

Hundred-Hand Slap / Oicho Throw: In close combat utilize E.Honda’s famed Hundred-Hand Slap to pressure your enemy. Grab them when they block with the Oicho Throw.

Sumo Headbutt / Sumo Smash: The sumo’s high-flying antics return in SF5. When at a distance, take advantage of the Sumo Headbutt to close that distance quickly. Attack from above with the Sumo Smash when out of close range too. Use these to get back in your opponent’s grill and back into close range combat.

V-Skill Neko Damashi: Honda deals a heavy clap that destroys normal fireballs. It can be canceled into the sumo wrestler's special moves including a true block string of V-Skill into Hundred Hand Slap that still leaves him plus.

V-Trigger 1 Onigawara: E.Honda’s V-Trigger 1 is called Onigawara and allows to use the strong headbutt Oni-Daikaku with one hit of armor. This move, when the buttons are held down, breaks blocks and has Oni-Muso as an immediate follow up attack.

V-Trigger 2 – Tajikarao: His VT2 is called Tajikarao. You now have the ability to do the command throw Iwato Biraki. There is one hit of armor in the beginning forward movement, and you can power through to your adversary. Once you slam the opponent into the corner, you can truly turn up the heat with your pressure since it takes away their ability to recover backwards.

SF5 new move lists image #4 SF5 new move lists image #5 SF5 new move lists image #6


Working as an active detective in Metro City, Lucia is still trying to help clean up the streets with the police as the newly-elected mayor, Cody, still tries to find his bearings in the office.

Her play style revolves largely around using her feet though she just wants to get up in criminals' faces to pummel them in close quarters. Lucia hates crime and evil with a passion, but she can still get a bit careless in her work.

Firecracker and Flipper Shot: Lucia's fireball requires a little extra set up like Ed's, as she first needs to kick it up in the air. Using the different kick strengths will allow her to change trajectory of the projectile between low, mid and high.

Gun Smoke: The newcomer's command dash allows her to get in easily on her opponent with multiple follow-up options including Rough Chase, Tornado Spinner, Cyclone Spinner and a cancel. A few of the moves are even enhanced during V-Trigger 1.

Fire Spinner: A flaming kick that allows Lucia to avoid low-hitting attacks. Appears a bit similar to C. Viper's special from Street Fighter 4 in a way.

V-Skill Tap-Kick: A multi-hitting kick that can be used from most normals leaving her plus on hit or punishable on block.

V-Trigger 1 Burning Fight: This trigger buffs her kick specials including V-Skill with additional fire properties and damage.

V-Trigger 2 Weapon Fury: Lucia pulls out her police baton / tonfa which gives her access to the new special Tactical Weapon. The move is safe on block, can be cancelled from all normals and can combo into her other specials.

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Source: Shadaloo CRI, Capcom Unity.

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