Daigo didn't optimize damage against Punk at the Street Fighter 5 grand finals of Mixup 2019 but would it have mattered? HiFight analyzes the match

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • April 29, 2019 at 6:07 p.m. PDT

The Mixup 2019 featured a premier Capcom Pro Tour event for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition about a week ago. In the end, we witnessed Rec|Punk defeating CYG|Daigo in the grand finals from the losers side of the bracket in two intense sets.

Notably, Daigo was one hit away from taking Punk out when he had a round lead in the final match. However, many have pointed out that Daigo took a safe route and went for a more reliable combo rather than an optimized one. What would've happened if Daigo achieved maximum damage with that combo?

HiFight has released a video that perfectly sums up the situation. It shows the sequence in action, how much damage it did, and how much damage Daigo could've done with the alternate combo.

Daigo's combo ended up dealing 219 damage (before the low life scaling). As demonstrated by HiFight, Daigo could've gone for a combo that dealt 257 or 266 damage.

It's worth noting that the 266 damage combo required tight spacing or it would lead to disastrous results. Unfortunately, it's basically impossible to determine if Daigo was at the correct spacing to pull off the optimal damage. For argument's sake, let's say he was.

HiFight ended up recreating the situation as best he could in terms of the amount of damage that was inflicted on Karin. Remember that scaling needs to be factored into the equation after a character's life falls below a certain point.

As a result, the damage of the 257 and 266 damage combos become 207 and 210 respectively. Would this have made a difference? Check out the video explanation to find out.

Click image for animated version

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