Mortal Kombat 11 to receive patch addressing issues with both Towers of Time and The Krypt, set to roll out as soon as possible

Ed Boon hopes to implement said fixes in a matter of hours

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • April 23, 2019 at 11:58 a.m. PDT

While Mortal Kombat 11 seems to be emerging as an overall success, not everything is perfect in all timelines as at least two of the game's single player modes are in need of some urgent tweaking

Players with early access have expressed some fairly big concerns with both The Krypt and the Towers of Time, citing problems with the game's RNG system being too skimpy with rewards as well as single player ladders being overly frustrating. NetherRealm Studios has already begun to address these.

Blasting back to yesterday's Kombat Kast, we heard developer Tyler Lansdown almost immediately tackle these issues. He promised full patches as well as even more expedient fixes (along the lines of changing frame data and currency reward drops) that will roll out as soon as possible.

They have not specified exactly what they'll be doing here, but taking a closer look at the complaints will probably give us a fairly good guess in the right direction. As far as the Towers of Time go, sudden spikes in difficulty via AI reactions and gameplay-altering hazards seem to be the main issue.

As things stand now, players seem to be ushered toward spending resources on "Skip Fight" tokens so as not to have to deal with, for example, unblockable homing missiles that might regularly bombard them. Rewards for actually completing these towers (you might get a buff for one of one character's moves for one fight, for example) don't seem to line up at all with the amount of time or frustration it takes to do so. You might also receive parts of recipes to create gear, but the process there feels overly convoluted.

As far as The Krypt goes, the slew of chests you can open for varying prices are randomly stocked with items that vary in their degree of usefulness. You might spend 15,000 koins on one chest that gives you a few throwaway trinkets you may not wind up using at all, then you might spend 2,000 koins on another that grants you a new Fatality and character costume, two items that are of relatively high value to players.

While playing through the mode itself is fairly enjoyable, the system in place promotes a feeling of imbalanced risk/reward when it comes to spending in game currency. There's just too much in the way of filler and no real strategy to avoid or minimize chances of spending big chunks of change on it.

Here you'll see what Tyler Lansdown had to say on yesterday's Kombat Kast, and below that you'll see tweets from both the official NetherRealm account and Ed Boon as they address the issues and incoming fixes.

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