Punk and Daigo tear through the competition while Birdie and Bison are looking scary as hell: The Mixup 2019 highlights for Street Fighter 5

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • April 21, 2019 at 7:29 a.m. PDT

Action just wrapped up in Lyon, France for Street Fighter 5 in Europe's first Capcom Pro Tour Premier event where potentially the strongest regions in the world sent their world warriors, and only one could come out on top.

The Mixup 2019 had about as much of a diverse top 8 as you can find at a major with CYG|Daigo Umehara, Rec|Punk, Mouz|Problem X, FD|Haitani, NASR|AngryBird and CAG|Dogura trying to run away with all of the early CPT points for the season.

Punk may have taken home the belt coming from losers bracket though AngryBird, Problem X, Haitani and Daigo Umehara were all gunning to send him home. When the American prodigy is on point, it doesn't appear that anyone can fully put a stop to him in Season 4.

Daigo's play was also almost at peak performance running like a well-oiled machine all weekend that could adapt on the fly to whatever was thrown his way... until grand finals that is.

While they may not have won the day, Birdie and M. Bison made their cases to be considered among the best characters in SF5 right now in the hands of players like Problem X, Dogura, Fuudo and Trashbox each with ridiculous set ups and damage that we haven't really seen in the game's first three seasons.

We've collected some of the best moments from Easter top 8, so let's kick things off with the first round where Punk actually went down. Karin has less than average life, and AngryBird showed Punk just how quickly Zeku can make it all melt away.

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Punk was considered one of the favorites to win it all, but he looked lost against AngryBird — coming in hot off of his win at Brussels Challenge — leading to an impressive 3-0 sweep for the Zeku player.

Fuudo may not have won his set, but he did prove why people should be scared of Birdie's V-Trigger 2 in Season 4.

Problem X parries Birdie's can, but still loses the round to Trashbox thanks to V-Trigger 2.

Rohto|Tokido may have been eliminated, but there was still a demon in the tournament with Haitani landing the dash up Raging Demon against Punk.

Punk had his back against the wall though he fought his way back in nail-biting fashion to eliminate Haitani.

Problem X shows off the trickiest of bomb set ups making it look like Bison would fly over and cross up, but he somehow stayed in front to blow up Urien.

As if Bison's bomb wasn't scary enough, Problem shows how unbeatable it can look if he backs up and makes the opponent come to him. The moment you walk forward... boom.

Punk had his offense going strong, but Daigo decided to put a stop to that with impeccable reads on the patented Ume-Flash Kicks to tie things up.

Punk and Daigo's grand finals came down to the final game, final round in one of the most exciting new school versus old school sets we've seen. Youth would trump experience, however, with Punk taking his second Premier victory of the early season.

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