Victrix Pro FS fightstick review: Sleek, stylish, and worthy of its hefty price tag

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • April 24, 2019 at 8:15 a.m. PDT

Much like the options for fighting games are plentiful right now — with there being a fresh installment of nearly every major fighting game franchise on the market or one on the way — the same can be said for fighting game peripherals. There are numerous high quality fightsticks to choose from nowadays, and another recently appeared on the scene that adds one more to the list of potential purchases for fighting game players.

Victrix recently launched their Victrix Pro FS arcade sticks which is designed specifically for eSports and aims to meet the precise needs of competitors through innovation and quality. I was given the opportunity to try out a retail version of the Pro FS for review, and can tell you right out of the gate that this stick is definitely worth your attention.

Right out of the gate, it's plain to see that the Victrix Pro FS is an advanced piece of hardware with a price tag to match — comes in at $349.99 USD. While many modern fightsticks don't come with much in the way of instructions — sometimes to their detriment — the Pro FS greets you with a large booklet that clearly breaks down the various functions and features this stick comes equipped with.

The Pro FS features an easy-open case that allows you to get straight to the insides of the stick with zero hassle. While a lot of modern sticks see the front of the case open, the Victrix Pro FS sees a panel on the back of it unhinged with a single latch, and from there you can easily swap out buttons or your stick whenever you choose. It's worth noting that all of the wires connecting the buttons are the same color, so you might want to take a picture to ensure you reassemble things the way they were originally.

Great accessibility is a must with fightsticks nowadays, and on top of having that, the Victrix Pro FS also takes travel into consideration. By simply pulling up on the stick while holding the ball top in place, you can quickly remove the stick from the base thanks to the Pro FS' "Link 2" detachable joystick. The back panel inside of the Pro FS has a designated spot to store your detached stick, meaning you won't lose it when you take your fightstick to tournaments or your friend's place.

While there is room to store your detached joystick (or a spare) and an Allen wrench, there really isn't anything in the way of storage space inside the Pro FS. Other sticks have a larger case making for a more spacious inside, and while that can be considered a downside to the Pro FS, it's a fairly minor one.

Moving from the inside back to the outer aesthetic, the Pro FS looks sleek and stylish with its blue-gray metallic aluminum chassis and its awesome LED lights that line the sides. These lights have various color options to choose from and patterns you can mess around with to find what suits you best.

The Victrix Pro FS offers further cosmetic customization by way of laser etching images and text into the front of the fightstick, though that is a service that seems to be offered only at events and happenings where a Victrix booth is present.

On the front of the Pro FS exist eight face buttons up top (as well as the PS button) that offer a variety of different functions. You can control the lights, hit Share, utilize three mappable buttons for quick shortcuts, and adjust volume for your headset — the Pro FS comes equipped with a headset jack at the bottom.

My biggest gripe with the Pro FS is the lack of a PS4 touch pad due to its excellent functionality in training mode for games like Street Fighter 5 and Dragon Ball FighterZ. Victrix acknowledges this in the stick's instruction manual, and to compensate the Pro FS has a "Training Mode" button as the default for one of the three mappable buttons which helps quickly reset the situation in-game for efficient practice. It's not to the extent of the touch pad, but I'm glad they added something to make up for it.

The buttons and joystick here are made by Sanwa, so everything feels crisp and clean when you play. Victrix claims that the Pro FS is "engineered with the fastest PCB response time," and while I don't quite have the know-how to prove that, I can say that inputs feel tight and just as good as you'd hope out of a top-quality fightstick.

If you've followed some of my other fightstick reviews in the past, you probably know that one of my biggest issues with modern fightsticks is the power cable and their tendency to stick out too far at the top leaving them susceptible to getting damage. Victrix puts into place a solid solution with the Pro FS, using a detachable USB-C cable that connects to the stick and sees a good portion of the connector reside inside of the case, putting it a bit more out of harm's way. Couple that with the braided fabric the cord itself is made out of, and you have a durable cable and a nice step in the right direction for this particular hindrance.

"Victrix aimed to design a fightstick that caters to the dedicated eSports player and they succeeded."

Closing thoughts: The Victrix Pro FS is sleek, sturdy, great for travel, and adds another layer of flair to your hardware with its stylish aesthetics. Victrix aimed to design a fightstick that caters to the dedicated eSports player and they succeeded.

The Pro FS brings competitors an easily accessible arcade stick with top-quality parts, a training mode button for efficient practice sessions, removable prongs that allow you to wrap your power cable around it or attach a strap to hang it across your shoulder, and the highly coveted headset jack. This arcade stick hits the mark in the places you'd most want it to, with the only things potentially holding it back being its lack of storage space inside, omission of the PS4 touch pad, and its large price tag.

If you're a serious fighting game player and want to go all out for a top of the line arcade stick, you can't go wrong with the Victrix Pro FS.

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+ Feels great, comfortable design.

+Top quality Sanwa arcade parts make for tight and precise inputs.

+ Visually striking design with ability to laser etch custom images and text into front panel for further personalization.

+ LED lights on the sides of the stick add another layer of style and come with several color options for you to choose from.

+ Easily accessible insides for quick stick and button modding.

+ A well-designed power cable that doesn't stick out too far.

+ Removable joystick and other great options for easy travel.


- Lack of PS4 touch pad.

- Very little storage space inside.

- One of the most expensive fightsticks on the market ($350 USD).

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