Towering Dragon Armor Trini gameplay and voice acting for the cast revealed in Power Rangers Battle for the Grid stream

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • April 14, 2019 at 12:31 p.m. PDT

Power Rangers Battle for the Grid launched as a budget-priced fighting game with only nine characters available to choose from on the starting roster, but we recently got an opportunity to see the tenth in action for the first time.

Dragon Armor Trini, who was previously announced to be coming as a free additional character alongside Udonna and Cenezoic Blue Ranger, received her chance in the spotlight in the developer nWay's stream earlier in the week showing off her grappler-like abilities and some new features that will be coming to the title in the first content update.

Trini is the Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger though this version of her is from the Shattered Grid comic book line where she reverse engineers the Black Dragonzord into a suit of power armor to try and fight back against the likes of Lord Drakkon.

Her playstyle largely fits the mold of other grappler and brawler archetypes from the Versus-style games like Zangief, Sentinel and Broly considering she dishes out some mean command grabs on top of her powerful strikes.

The title of largest character and fighter with the most health will also belong to Trini when the new characters launch, but the yellow ranger will need the extra vitality considering her stature lets other combo on her even harder than usual.

Trini's special moves consist of a giant laser, rushing command grab, jet-powered rush, air-stomp and sweeps with the dragon tail.

Voice acting was also revealed to be coming to the game alongside the new characters though no details about the actors playing the rangers and villains have been announced at this time — Drakkon and the Green Ranger do sound like they're almost certainly Jason David Frank, however.

nWay will be holding streams the next few weeks on their Twitch channel to show off Udonna followed by the Blue Ranger where they'll hopefully reveal when all of the new goodies will be coming to players. Until then, however, you can check out Dragon Armor Trini in action in the clip below of a match between Clockw0rk and ShadyK plus the full stream archive.

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