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Rumor: Persona 5 Arena currently in development under small team at ArcSys, will reportedly run on Dragon Ball FighterZ's engine

Possible information about Arc System Works' unannounced and unconfirmed fighting game surfaces

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • April 13, 2019 at 11:56 a.m. PDT • Comments: 26

April is going to be a big month for Persona fans with multiple announcements / releases coming in the next few weeks where we're going to soon be learning more about Persona 5: The Royal, Joker's release in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and whatever P5S turns out to be.

What has remained absent from the public view, however, has been the potential for an Arc System Works-developed fighting game sequel of Persona 5 Arena which the website Gearnuke claims to have acquired information about the unannounced title and the other two in-development P5 games.

Persona 5 Arena — or whatever the title ends up being called — is currently in development over at ArcSys though it is only being worked on by a small team right now. Most of the company's resources are split between Dragon Ball FighterZ, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle and more importantly Granblue Fantasy Versus.

This alleged report largely matches up with a previous rumor that claimed P5 Arena was in development but was put essentially on the back-burner while ArcSys focused most of its staff on finishing the Granblue Fantasy spin-off — before the game was officially announced — insinuating that the long-awaited Persona fighter will be next in line to receive full support.

Supposedly, Persona 5 Arena will be ditching the sprite-based 2D graphics of the last two entries according to the report, and instead run on an altered version of Dragon Ball FighterZ's modified Unreal Engine 4 which has already been tuned for the Nintendo Switch on top of the other consoles.

Gearnuke also claims that The Royal will be an enhance re-release of the original game on PlayStation 4 featuring a wealth of new content and a female protagonist. Persona 5 S, on the other hand, is an alleged Nintendo Switch port of the original title that will be missing The Royal's enhancements but have exclusive content for Nintendo. This may sound odd, yet Atlus recently did something similar with classic Catherine coming to PC, as Catherine Full Body was about to release for PS4 in Japan.

No information about Joker's inclusion in Smash Ultimate was mentioned in the new report, but we believe his release will coincide with The Royal and P5S's upcoming reveals on April 24–25.

Both Atlus and ArcSys do appear to still be on good terms with each other considering Persona 4's characters are heavily featured in Cross Tag Battle, and BlazBlue producer Toshimichi Mori has alluded to future Persona-related projects.

This report should be taken with the biggest grain of salt possible since none of this has been confirmed by Atlus nor ArcSys and are still rumors. While these reveals do seem quite likely because of previous rumors, leaks and speculation, there is still a chance that some or all of the information from Gearnuke's source will turn out to be inaccurate.

You can see Gearnuke's full report on the rumored Persona 5 Arena below.

Alleged Persona 5 Arena information

• The source claims that an Arena title for Persona 5 has been in the works for a while now.
• The assumed Persona 5 Arena was supposed to release sooner but developer Arc System Works was too busy with Dragon Ball FighterZ and its post release content.
• Now the studio is finishing up Granblue Fantasy Versus for Cygames, which set to release later this year for PS4.
• Apparently a small team is working on the game right now, with full development to be initiated after the Granblue Fantasy Versus project is completed.
• The game will run on an iteration of the Dragon Ball FighterZ engine (which supports the Switch).

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