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Updated with final results: The first Saga for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate kicks off this weekend, and it has already sold out for competitors, and there was a waiting list to even get involved in the singles portion of this tournament. Spectator passes are still available.

Over 800 competitors are participating this weekend, some of the notable ones include: FOX|MKLeo, NRG|Nairo, Liquid|Dabuz, TSM|Tweek, TSM|Leffen, eUnited|Samsora, CLG|Void, Salem, PG|ESAM, PA|CaptainZack, Larry Lurr, BC|Mr. R, Elegant, WaDi, PG|Marss, Ally, among far more than we could list here. There are also very strong Melee players in attendance like C9|Mango, Wizzrobe and Dignitas|HugS.

This Saga event is called "Prime" because it's heavily based around the Metroid franchise, and they will have various events and activities based on this series at the tournament.

2GG Saga events are incredibly hype and well ran, so viewers are going to be in for a treat all weekend. This competition will take place over Saturday and Sunday in La Mirada, California.

It will be compelling to see how the meta has evolved in the game since it's release back in December, four months ago.

Streams are being hosted by 2GGaming and BTS Smash

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — Results

1. SST|Shuton (Olimar)
2. GW|Zackray (Wolf, Lucina, Pokemon Trainer, Wario)
3. Rogue|Light (Fox)
4. NRS|Nairo (Palutena, Zero Suit Samus, Ganondorf, Cloud)
5. Tea (Pac-Man)
5. Ally (Snake, Mario)
7. FOX|MKLeo (Wolf, Marth)
7. TSM|Tweek (Young Link, Wario, Wolf)

9. eUnited|Samsora (Peach)
9. BC|Mr. R (Inkling, Roy, Snake, Chrom)
9. Solary|Glutonny (Wario)
9. Liquid|Dabuz (Olimar, Rosalina)
13. Nicko (Shulk)
13. Mr. E (Lucina)
13. Tuxedo|Stroder (Greninja, Mario)
13. YB (Dark Samus)

17. CLG|VoiD (Pichu)
17. Larry Lurr (Fox, Falco)
17. TSG|Stryker (Bowser)
17. Armada|Myran (Olimar)
17. SUGOI|Ven (Zelda)
17. Myr|Quik (Zero Suit Samus, Samus)
17. Geki|T (Link)
17. Teb (Mario)

25. PG|Marss (Zero Suit Samus)
25. WaDi (R.O.B.)
25. Heavy (Snake)
25. Geki|Zaki (King Dedede)
25. PS|Megafox (Fox)
25. ImHip (Olimar)
25. Cookieslayer (Young Link)
25. XTR|Sparg0 (Wolf)

33. PG|ESAM (Pikachu)
33. PA|CaptainZack (Peach, Bayonetta)
33. PA|K9sbruce (Wolf)
33. Lui$ (Dr. Mario)
33. DCG|Ki (Snake)
33. IC|Mudomo (Pichu)
33. BCE|Juice (Zero Suit Samus)
33. Acara|Shoe (Zero Suit Samus)
33. Armada|BestNess (Ness)
33. Demise|Pandarian (Pokemon Trainer)
33. Once|Legit (Diddy Kong)
33. Anahuac|Javi (Lucina, Sheik)
33. Charliedaking (Wolf)
33. Eon (Fox)
33. Akashic (Greninja)
33. HNT|Magister (Incineroar)

49. TSM|Leffen (Pichu)
49. TGS|Captain L (Pikachu)
49. Brandon (Incineroar)
49. CB|Zael (Pokemon Trainer)
49. BBW (Lucina)
49. SS|Ismon (Wario)
49. Armando (Snake)
49. GoG|Lumbre (Ness)
49. Klaatu (Olimar)
49. Valor (Inkling)
49. Circuit (Sonic)
49. Pro Tips|OverLade (Ridley)
49. Jonny Westside (Snake)
49. PoisonHealth (Lucas)
49. SS|Avoid (Snake)
49. Armada|Banana Boy (Yoshi)

65. Salem (Snake)
65. Elegant (Luigi)
65. TGS|Locus (Dr. Mario)
65. TTN|Trela (Ridley)
65. Rice (Mario)
65. USC|Taiwanman0610 (King Dedede)
65. SlayerZ (Peach)
65. BTH|Vintendo (Duck Hunt)
65. Varun (Wii Fit Trainer)
65. 15SA|Kobazco (Robin)
65. Silverfox (Pokemon Trainer)
65. Karna (Lucina)
65. :v~|Debo (Ness)
65. Once|Ako (Marth)
65. SweetT (Pokemon Trainer)
65. Jumpsteady (Palutena)
65. LDN|Afro Smash (Samus)
65. Cyro (Falco, Meta Knight)
65. Paper (Mr. Game & Watch)
65. Slither2Hunter (Meta Knight)
65. Z (Pichu)
65. Armada|Prodigy (Mario)
65. TLTC (Palutena)
65. Brosinex (Ken)
65. EEsports|Jakamu (Zero Suit Samus)
65. BTLC|Ez (R.O.B.)
65. SM (Ike)
65. Once|JeffSoBomb (Zero Suit Samus)
65. Sitani (Samus)
65. PiXL (Falco)
65. SHFFL|Pain (Zero Suit Samus)
65. SnaggleTooth (Lucas)

97. PBLK|Vorst (Samus)
97. Chie|HLB (Jigglypuff)
97. 1L2P|Daybreak (Wolf)
97. THC|Ketchup (Bowser Jr.)
97. Spoof (Lucas)
97. YMCA (Donkey Kong)
97. Lucky|Angis (Ridley, King K. Rool, Bowser)
97. THC|Ike Tyson (Ike)
97. Chase (Palutena, Pichu)
97. BTLC|Houston (Wii Fit Trainer)
97. KiraFlax (Pit, Dark Pit)
97. SnG|Ninry (Lucina)
97. USC|Dynomyte (Yoshi)
97. Rmoney (King Dedede)
97. Arrow (Link)
97. Si|Gidy (Roy)
97. Leaf FC (Captain Falcon)
97. UCI|Rafi (Bowser, Palutena)
97. UCI|T3 Dome (Richter)
97. TTN|Ultimate Razer (Snake)
97. GG|Ribs (Ness)
97. tHB|Khan (Ganondorf)
97. GN|Swamp (King Dedede)
97. TCM|King Koopa (Bowser)
97. HCS|TotesMaGotes
97. Small Dick Sandy (Mario)
97. DNS|SexyBeast420 (Ness)
97. 1AM|K27 (Wario)
97. HSN|Wormy (Young Link)
97. Nobu (Mega Man, Richter)
97. Sharp (Wolf)
97. PSIGuy (Ness)

Doubles Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — Results

1st place
- FOX|MKLeo (Wolf)
- Anahuac|Javi (Cloud, Lucina)

2nd place
- GW|Zackray (Pokemon Trainer)
- SST|Shuton (Olimar)

3rd place
- Rogue|Light (Fox)
- PG|Marss (Zero Suit Samus, Ike)

4th place
- TSM|Tweek (Wario)
- eUnited|Samsora (Peach)

5th place tie
- Geki|T (Link)
- Tea (Pac-Man)

5th place tie
- NRG|Nairo (Palutena)
- Solary|Glutonny (Wario)

7th place tie
- CookieSlayer (Young Link)
- Heavy (Snake)

7th place tie
- SS|AvoiD (Snake)
- Elegant (Luigi)

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