M. Bison finally reclaims top spot from Urien in the online Street Fighter 5 stats for the month of March 2019

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • April 10, 2019 at 6:31 p.m. PDT

Another month for 2019 has come to an end. That means that Capcom has released the character usage stats and match up chart for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition.

This time, we're looking at the online stats for the month of March. For the past few months, Urien has been the #1 ranked character in online battles. The streak has been broken.

For the longest period of time, it seemed like M. Bison was the strongest choice as far as online interactions were concerned. It really looked like the Season 4 changes had put a stop to that with Urien overtaking M. Bison repeatedly.

But it seems as though the online M. Bison players have had enough of that timeline. M. Bison's match up score is now at 5.483 while Urien sits at 5.478.

As far as the character usage stats, can you guess who the number one character was for the month of March? If you "guessed" Ryu (based on the previous months), then you'd be correct.

Akuma and Ken are also found at the top just under Ryu. After the traditional Shoto characters, we see that Guile, Zangief, and Kage follow closely after them.

Once more, it seems as though this popularity is a bit of a double edge sword as most of the Shoto characters performed the worst as far as online match ups are concerned. Kage continues to have the poorest win to loss ratio of the cast.

Remember that these stats on their own shouldn't be used to create a tier list.

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