Cody's rock toss can actually counter Chun-Li's glitch that allows her to fly off the top of the screen due to a funny interaction in Street Fighter 5

It also shows off the mayor's ability to spawn a pipe out of thin air

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • April 10, 2019 at 4:21 a.m. PDT

Potentially round-breaking glitches are nothing new for the Street Fighter franchise or fighting games in general, but seldom do we see actual counters appear that can effectively deal with the bugs when they occur.

Chun-Li was recently discovered to have one such glitch in Street Fighter 5 that lets her potentially float forever off of the top of the screen, but Cody's second V-Trigger apparently gives him the perfect tools to deal with such an occasion seemingly due to an odd feature of his rock toss ability.

After the world's strongest woman decides that she's had enough of a fight and flies away, the mayor of Metro City can activate his V-Trigger 2 and bring her back down to Earth with the opportunity for a big punish as shown off by BP|Draken.

When Cody activates Dirty Coach while Chun-Li is flying high, he can use Unlucky Gift by hitting his rock upwards. It seems like it must always travel over the top of the screen, so the stone will travel just as high as the glitched girl and bring her crashing down — we can also see that Cody's pipe appears out of thin air above the stage.

Draken then uses heavy Ruffian Kick to catch Chunners on the way down before cancelling into Critical Art for the damaging punish to trying to run away from the match which not many others can deal with.

The floating glitch itself can be performed by activating V-Trigger 1 for Chun-Li and using her V-Skill to leap. Players must then input her air lightning legs immediately followed by her air stomp with precise timing to fly straight up.

Capcom is already fully aware of the issue and is looking to have a patch out before the end of April. You can check out Draken's fairly comical clip of the bug punish below.

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