Chun-Li features a glitch in Street Fighter 5 that causes her to float upwards and off the top of the screen; Capcom is currently looking into a fix

An update is likely to come this month

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • April 9, 2019 at 10:57 a.m. PDT

It seems as though as soon as Capcom squashes one glitch in Street Fighter 5, another one pops up considering we just got done dealing with Blanka's time freeze glitch and now there's one for Chun-Li to be mildly worried about.

A new bug was recently discovered in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition which sees the strongest woman in the world float up, up and away with its only requirement being that Chun-Li needs to have her V-Trigger 1 activated.

Capcom has already taken notice of said floating glitch and has a fix for it in the works that they hope will be ready before the end of April. Their official description of said bug and how it's performed is as follows:

"If while V-Trigger I Renkiko is active, Chun-Li performs Rankyaku, then at a specific timing performs Souseikyaku immediately after successfully inputting Airborne Hyakuretsukyaku, Chun-Li will continue to float upwards and off-screen."

Players were also quick to catch on to the new phenomenon, as some like HiFight and Pizzaguy_mo are experimenting with it and uploading videos showing things like both Chun-Lis in a training match fly up together.

Unlike Falke's similar flying glitch after her initial launch, Chun-Li can be knocked out of the air and back onto the ground to resume normal play though there's not many moves that can bring her down after she's gone off of the top of the screen.

The risk this poses to actual matches seems fairly minimal unless Chun players online are playing just to take a life lead and fly away, so they can run out the rest of the clock while the other fighter can do nothing to stop it.

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