Projectiles, command grabs, a teleport, and more... what CAN'T The Kollector do? Character breakdown offers first look at Mortal Kombat 11 newcomer

Perhaps the most brutal Final Blow on the entire MK11 roster

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • April 9, 2019 at 1 p.m. PDT

We've been very happy to see the long list of characters from the Mortal Kombat franchise return for this eleventh installment of the game, but it seems NetherRealm Studios still has a knack for newcomers as they recently introduced The Kollector as the second brand new fighter (the other being Geras) to join the fray.

While his design does hearken back to some familiar faces in pop culture (something like Mumm-Ra meets Goro meets Gollum meets the Resident Evil 4 merchant) he is most definitely unique in his fighting style. We admit it's hard to pin him down under a particular archetype given his vast variety of moves.

The character is designed to represent the equivalent of an Outworld tax collector... and this being Mortal Kombat, he's after more than just monetary currency. He has four arms for attacking, and two smaller ones on his back that seem to greedily cover his backpack at virtually all times.

We've nabbed a handful of clips from his Kombat Kast presentation so you can quickly get an idea of what he has to offer. Feel free to go back and watch the dev breakdown in its entirety if you like what you see here.

Seemingly a jack of all trades, Kollector can pester from afar with projectiles and his absorb, close the gap and go in with a teleport and command grab, or play from other ranges with his other attacks that vary in reach.

We'll kick things off with his Fatal Blow, which is an especially gruesome series (NSFW as per the usual) of hits culminating in what would surely end his foe's life. Developer Tyler Lansdown admits this may be the most brutal of all the roster thus far:

Kollector has medium-range projectile in his chained mace attack, which certainly echoes Scorpion's iconic spear. Unlike the spear, this is simply a standard attack that only doles out damage, but can be charged up for a Crushing Blow, and cancelled at any point during said charge time:

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He also has a tool to deal with projectiles flying at him in his absorb technique. The amplified version of this sees Kollector send out a slow-moving projectile of his own that he can follow and use to manipulate nearby opponents:

Next we see the character's go-to combo ender and bolas - a forward flurry of attacks and another chargeable projectile that can trap foes:

With as many arms as he has, Kollector had to have a command grab. It's pretty standard, does not have an amplified version, but will Crushing Blow foes that are trying to use forward roll invincibility:

He also has a very fast teleport that can see him zip behind or in front of his opposition. He can also perform it in place for fake outs:

Kollector has yet another projectile in his green fire, damage over time fireball. This is fairly quick, has no hit animation, and can be done from the air as well as the ground:

This next projectile has us a bit worried as it seems incredibly powerful. It's extremely fast and the amplified version puts his foe in a capture state. If that weren't enough, it also has a Crushing Blow:

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