Chun-Li is really sassy in Third Strike: Duel Screens clues us in on what everyone is saying during their iconic lines in Street Fighter 3

Remy also doesn't speak a lick of French

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • April 6, 2019 at 6:16 a.m. PDT | Comments: 18

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike is revered by many in the fighting game community as one of their most iconic titles where a bunch of the characters' quips and dialogue are still highly quotable almost 20 years after its initial release — looking at you Ken and Sean.

In a game featuring fighters from every continent around the world except for Australia and Antarctica, the vast majority of them actually speak in fluent Japanese though there is some German, Chinese and even Swahili mixed into the cast.

The content creator team over at Duel Screens previously brought us a look into the dialogue and quotes from Street Fighter 2 in their "What are they saying in" series, and now they're back to do the same for Street Fighter 3: Third Strike.

Many of the voice lines found in Third Strike are typically pretty hard to hear / make out, but luckily Duel Screens were able to isolate a good majority of their tracks to make them clearer than ever... which lets us know that Chun-Li has gotten quite sassy as she's matured as a fighter.

The strongest woman in the world will yawn and ask her opponent "is that all you've got?" along with other quips like "this is true strength" and "hesitate and you will lose."

A good number of the world warriors are shown to be at least bilingual in Third Strike like Ken, Sean, Hugo and Yun among others, but there are actually a select few who appear to be multilingual speaking three languages or more, namely Elena considering she is shown speaking English, Japanese and her native tongue of Swahili.

The award for the attack that is the biggest mouthful to say goes to Makoto with her Super Art 'Seichusen Godanzuki' where what she yells out appears to translate to "Deadly Attack! Punches at five levels along the center line!"

For the sake of redundancy, Duel Screens does not cover the moves and speech that was already in Street Fighter 2, so go back to the previous video if you want to learn what things like Chun-Li's Kikoken really means. For everything else though, check out the "What are they saying in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike?" below.

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