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Nintendo apparently created Bowsette before the internet did

The plot thickens...

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • September 28, 2018 at 11:01 a.m. PDT • Comments: 38

Sick of Bowsette yet? Me too... Yet, somehow we just keep seeing new developments on this fan-made character that has taken social media by storm.

As we know, Bowsette is the hypothetical fusion of Bowser and Princess Peach — if Bowser were to harness the crown power-up in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe on Nintendo Switch that turns Toadette into Peachette.

Fans quickly began creating fan art, cosplay, and requesting this made up character be in all kinds of Nintendo games. Yesterday, we learned that Nintendo is aware of Bowsette's existence, but they had no comment on her behalf.

In what could only be described as a Shyamalan twist, apparently Nintendo created the concept of Bowsette before the internet did.

Japan just saw the release of an art book called "The Art of Super Mario Odyssey," which features, well, the art from Super Mario Odyssey. Comprising this collector's item are 368 pages featuring 1,000 art pieces that include concept sketches, final artwork, and more.

Twitter user ninpoapipipi shared a photo of one of the pages from within the book that shows concept artwork for Nintendo's own version of Bowsette. It seems that at one point Nintendo had an idea for Bowser to have his own version of Cappy in Super Mario Odyssey — a "Koopa Cap" — that would see him take control over whomever or whatever he hit with it, and the possessed body would take on some of Bowser's features (like they do with Mario and Cappy in the game).

The concept art comes in the form of a small comic strip showing Bowser hitting Princess Peach with his Koopa Cap and creating what is essentially Bowsette. We see an evil-looking Peach, but with more Bowser features than we see with the fan-made Bowsette.

Nintendo's concept art for their own Bowsette image #1 Nintendo's concept art for their own Bowsette image #2 Nintendo's concept art for their own Bowsette image #3 Nintendo's concept art for their own Bowsette image #4
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Perhaps we'll actually see some form of Bowsette come to fruition and become canon. We're truly living in the darkest timeline...

Banner artwork source: Takatuki. Thanks to happyface5000 for sending this in.

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