Data-miner X-Kira claims that five of the characters in Street Fighter 5 Season 4 will be legacy fighters with one brand new addition

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • September 26, 2018 at 8:02 p.m. PDT | Comments: 186

Sagat and G dropped as the final characters of Street Fighter 5's third season of DLC almost two months ago, and we'll likely have another three or four month wait ahead of us before more come to the game if the past years of content are anything to go by.

Prominent data-miner and leaker X-Kira recently returned to posting after being on hiatus for most of 2018 bringing with him supposed knowledge gained from digging through Street Fighter 5's code and servers correctly anticipating a number of costumes including Mech Zangief and the new Dojo Mode.

He also recently made posts regarding the 'Season 4' content of Street Fighter 5 and what types of characters we may be seeing although X-Kira does not name any of them specifically.

The data-miner states out of the main six characters releasing next year that five will be returning characters and one brand new character will be coming as DLC with their reported release schedule. X-Kira's record for "predictions" is not perfect, but he is worth paying attention to here especially since he correctly predicted how many new and returning characters would be in Season 3 last year — he was also close to getting their release order correct too.

Before this post, he also posted that Season 4 will be a "double release" which he did not expand upon, but may mean that more than six characters may be on their way to Street Fighter in 2019. As with any leak though, you should always take these posts with a healthy grain on salt.

This claim of the number of returning characters actually lines up well with statements made by another prominent leaker, Vergeben, claiming to know which legacy will be in Season 4 as DLC earlier this year and naming them.

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The leaker claimed that "Crimson Viper, Necro, Q, Oro, Sodom, and another character are slated to come to SF5" for Season 4 last he had heard which would be five classic characters and one potentially new character.

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Vergeben doesn't have the best track record with predictions as far as Capcom fighting games go so far, but he has been correct about Snake, Ridley, Simon Belmont and Isabelle's inclusion in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and about many details regarding Soul Calibur 6.

These characters have been rumored to be coming to Street Fighter 5 since last year when some they might be coming to Season 3 as free bonus DLC characters in 2018 which doesn't seem very likely now. X-Kira has also said that there will be no bonus characters for Season 3.

One aspect that does put this list of characters into a bit of doubt is the similar gameplay mechanics and move sets between G and Q, so it may be a bit much to expect of Capcom to release two very similar characters as DLC in back to back years especially when G can already do essentially everything Q can do but better.

There's little we can do but wait until Capcom Cup in December in all likelihood to find out the validity of these claims, but let us know in the comments whether you'd still like to see these characters included in Street Fighter 5 Season 4.

Source: X-Kira

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