Infiltration not competing at Tokyo Game Show Capcom Pro Tour Premier event this weekend due to investigation of domestic violence allegations

Panda Global, his sponsor, provides statement

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • September 21, 2018 at 9:50 a.m. PDT | Comments: 214

Seonwoo "PG|Infiltration" Lee will not be competing at this weekend's Capcom Pro Tour Premier event at Tokyo Game Show 2018, due to a current investigation into allegations of domestic violence. Infiltration's sponsor, Panda Global, released this statement.

"With the ongoing investigation, Infiltration will not be competing at TGS this weekend," Panda Global wrote on Twitter.

Earlier this week, allegations of Lee being involved in domestic violence against the woman that he married in 2017 surfaced online. Panda Global provided a statement on the matter yesterday, saying that their organization is conducting a thorough investigation.

"We are taking the claims against Infiltration's alleged domestic violence seriously, and are conducting a thorough investigation into these claims," Panda Global stated. "If the claims are substantiated we will take appropriate action."

Lee had been posting photos and documenting various aspects of his trip to Tokyo on his Twitter account, before Panda Global released their statements on Twitter. At this time, he has not made any public statements about the allegations.

Infiltration is currently ranked 7th in the Capcom Pro Tour 2018 standings, he holds 1,600 CPT points.

He is considered one of the strongest Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition players on the scene today. The last major Street Fighter 5 event he attended was EVO 2018 back in early August.

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