Street Fighter 5 fashion police; EventHubs staff chime in on what's hot and what's not with SF5's latest costumes


Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • September 18, 2018 at 3:01 p.m. PDT

Capcom hit us with not one, but two new costume packs for Street Fighter 5 yesterday.

The yearly Halloween pack is back as Guile, Falke, Kolin and — for the first time ever — Abigail are getting some spooky new threads. Though we've already seen a few Darkstalkers costumes, even more are coming as Menat, Chun-Li and Ed are getting Felicia, Morrigan and Demitri costumes respectively.

As it turns out DarkHorse, DreamKing, MajinTenshinhan and Catalyst all have a background in professional fashion development and critique, so I reached out to each of them to get their opinions on these new alternates.

My only personal contribution is that I think R. Mika should have gotten the Felicia costume and that Ed is kind of a weird choice for Demitri, but I'm still happy to have these in the game.

Since we've already seen the Donovan, Lilith and Khaibit costumes, I chose not to include those in the discussion here.

After you've read through the round table opinions, please chime into the comments with your own thoughts and such. Here's a reminder for the costumes in question. You'll see all of our responses after the jump.

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Dakota "DarkHorse" Hills

Most of the costumes announced yesterday look great, but I think I'll have to give the grand prize to cyclops Abigail. It just makes sense to make him a hulking monster, and it's clearly the costume with the most unique design elements put towards it.

Abigail's entire head changes with tons of details aside from his maple leaf hair style — making him a Canadian cyclops I guess, and my favorite aspect is the tiny cyclops on his chest which may or may not be piloting him like a mech.

While I think it's quite odd to give Menat two Darkstalkers costumes, I'd say the worst costume announced yesterday was easily zombie Guile. It's not awful, but it feels uninspired next to the rest.

He's still wearing his normal Street Fighter 2 garb though more tattered than usual which doesn't stand out at all, and I'm not sure how many people want to stare at rotting flesh while they play fighting games...

Nicholas "MajinTenshinhan" Taylor

Best? Kolin. It has to be Kolin. That witch costume makes her look more gorgeous than she ever has before. She gets quite a few costumes, and has a somewhat spotty record with them, with some being great and others being not-so-great, but I think that one is going to be played by almost every single Kolin player in tournament moving forward.

It's a slam dunk both as a halloween costume and just as a costume in general. The only real point of contention I could see for it would be the pointy hat (which I personally love), but it seems obvious the easter egg is going to be to remove the hat, so everyone's happy.

I don't play Kolin myself, but looking forward to see Kolin mains moving forward... assuming they use this costume.

Worst? Let me just get this disclaimer out of the way first. I don't think that this costume looks bad in any way, I just think it might be a bit too grotesque for Street Fighter. We've seen this before in Street Fighter 4 as well, and it gets a bit irksome when you start going in for the more realistic horror elements.

The costume I'm talking about is, of course, zombie Guile. It looks great, to be sure, but as we already saw GRPT|MOV state, it's a bit unnerving to some people to have costumes like that in the game. I don't mind that much personally, but it's something to be mindful of. My biggest gripe with it on my own is that I just don't think it does that much compared to the costumes lined up next to it.

When you have a very basic zombiefied Guile next to the drop dead gorgeous witch Kolin, an amazing grim reaper Falke and a hulking ogre for Abigail, it falls a bit flat. It just feels like the other costumes do more with the concept than Guile's does, and as earlier said, the "might be a bit gross" aspect. It's more of a case of it being "the worst of this group" than "bad", though.

Honorable Mentions. If not for the absolutely stunning Falke costume we got the other month, I might've picked her Grim Reaper costume as the winner this time around, because it looks really good, but alas, I think she has better threads available to her. Still, it's a neat costume - especially the blackened eyes.

Also more of a nitpick than anything, but I think the Demitri costume looks good, but I'm puzzled as to why it's on Ed of all characters. To me, that feels like a mismatch even if the costume itself looks sweet. Oh well.

Steven "DreamKing' Chavez


Kolin (Witch) - I'm sure the rest of the team has this costume as their top pick, but to me it really is the best of the bunch. Honestly, this one is surprising to me because it's... just a basic witch costume — let's be honest. However, it just looks fantastic and fits with Kolin so well.

Abigail (Cyclops) - Capcom has FINALLY answered my pleas for a new Abigail costume. I would have liked to have seen him get the Darkstalkers treatment, but a Halloween costume is just as good for me.

I really like this one as it drastically changes Abigail's appearance. His face looks ghoulish and awesome, the armor works well, and though I think he could have done without the tires on his arms — I know that's Abigail's motif, but that's not ALL he is — overall, I am very happy with this DLC costume for my main.

Ed (Demitri) - This was a tough choice for me. I like Menat's Felicia costume almost as much as Ed's Demitri threads, but I gotta give it to the latter. I'm glad to see some more of the male Darkstalkers fighters represented here, and though I think the Demitri costume might have been better suited for a different character, this alternate outfit looks amazing.


Guile (Zombie) - Guile's latest costume is... okay. It's not horrible, just kind of generic. The "undead" details on him look good, but this one just doesn't grab me much.

Chun-Li (Morrigan) - I know I'll probably take heat for putting this in the "worst" category, but I'm doing it anyway. Like Guile, this one doesn't look terrible, however it's just... underwhelming to me.

It also doesn't help the fact that it's yet another Chun-Li costume — putting her total number of costumes in Street Fighter 5 somewhere in the millions now. It's Morrigan, so it was an inevitable costume arrival, but I think the PC mods might have actually done it better this time...

Jon "Catalyst" Grey

First off, that Kolin costume is one of my favorite in any Street Fighter game ever. Kolin looks drop dead gorgeous, and they nailed the Halloween look while still making her sexy. It's one hell of an accomplishment by the designers.

As a Menat main, I have to mention the Felicia costume I'll end up buying the second it's available and it'll be the main outfit I use going forward.

Lastly, I give Capcom props for taking the ugliest character in the game, Abigail, and giving him an outfit that makes him even uglier. That's an accomplishment in of itself.

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