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Bandai Namco is creating a new custom character in Soul Calibur 6 with the help and votes of the community; shows more 'Create a Soul' options

How badly is this going to turn out?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • September 18, 2018 at 6:09 p.m. PDT • Comments: 15

Soul Calibur 6 is now just over a month away from release in October, and the game's publisher is currently running a pretty fun little promotion to engage with the community.

Bandai Namco through the game's Soul Calibur Twitter account is currently organizing a campaign of sorts to design a custom character in Soul Calibur 6 using the game's 'Create a Soul' mode with votes from online users to select how the new fighter turns out — plus it will likely give us a much better look at the customization options available to use.

They're currently in their first round of voting where the community gets to decide the "race" of the new character via voting in the developer's Straw Poll until tomorrow morning when the next poll is assumed to go live.

The Lizardman race is currently in the lead of the poll at the time of posting this ahead of the skeleton revenant race which seems a bit surprising given the internet's love of skeletons.

This post and poll also reveals that there will be 12 selectable "races" to choose from in 'Create a Soul' including Lizardman, Revenant, Hidden Village Clan, Automaton, Human, Outcast, Lost Soul, Shapeshifter, Malfested (Fully Transformed), Malfested (Mutated), Mummy, Colossus, Darksider, Lost Soul (Horned), Malefic, and Malfested.

Bandai Namco is planning on taking the amalgamation into battle once its complete, but until then you can check out their announcement in the gallery below showing off glimpses at all of the races.

Click images for animated versions

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