Chris T performs a well deserved pop off, Dankadillas takes out big names, StormKubo gets cocky and more; SCR day 2 highlights

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • September 15, 2018 at 8:07 p.m. PDT

If you haven't been watching SoCal Regionals you've been missing out in no small way.

After a ton of carnage we're finally down to the top eight bracket. We have a few highlights from today's action to help you relive the hype and prepare yourself for what's sure to come tomorrow.

Today's highlights feature a ton of recognizable names such as CYG|Chris T, AB|StormKubo, FD|Haitani and others.

Perhaps the set of the day was an East vs. West bout between Mago and Dankadillas. This would actually be the second time they'd meet as Dankadillas had put Mago into the losers bracket just a matter of minutes before this.

Vying for a top 32 berth were both competitors, and this truth came through very clear in their play. Mago's long history of tense situations made this high stakes match more or less "just another day" for the Japanese player, but the young Dankadillas has only been in the middle of a handful of these.

The whole set is worth going back to, but the following clip is a pretty appropriate example of how the entire ordeal played out:

Click image for animated version

Fujimura is in the conversation for best player in the world right now, but that didn't stop Chris T from taking down the winners bracket victory and celebrating with a deserved pop-off:

Storm Kubo is entertaining both in and out of game as he shows his personality here against Haitani. The second highlight shows off a clutch sequence and strong awareness:

Here was an especially creative sequence from Dropkick|Saliou's Urien as he made his way towards an upset against JB:

Haitani goes on an offensive spree for a dominating comeback:

A great display of homework and regular practice here from Chris T as he sets up a meaty overhead and converts into a combo:

Dankadillas' Dhalsim is too good. Watch as he runs over FE|HumanBomb:

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