SonicFox is doing some very SonicFox things adding Nappa to his Dragon Ball FighterZ team at SoCal Regionals and wrecking shop

Who needs a Super Saiyan?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • September 14, 2018 at 6:47 p.m. PDT

SoCal Regionals has just gotten started though Dragon Ball FighterZ is already whittled down to its top 8 players at this World Tour Dragon Radar event, and surprise! FOX|SonicFox is sitting in prime position to take another major in the game. This time he has a new team though.

It feels like almost every time that we see the EVO 2018 DBFZ champion in tournaments now he's playing a new team and beating players who have been mastering their same team since the game launched. This week that team includes Nappa.

SonicFox has been using a team consisting of Nappa, Android 16 and Bardock this weekend making it all the way to winner's side top 8 defeating the likes of FOX|Dekillsage and Tatsunical 2-0 each including a three character comeback using only Vegeta's former partner.

Nappa was generally seen as one of the weaker characters in the game with only a dedicated few using him with any sort of success though he turned out to be perhaps one of the biggest winner's of August's massive balance update for Dragon Ball FighterZ along with other previously weak characters like Frieza.

In the fight to make it to top 16, Tatsunical came very close to evening up the score with SonicFox taking him down to just his Nappa while the fellow Saibaman planter still had his whole team of Nappa, Broly and Goku. He ultimately made the mistake of leaving SonicFox alive with Sparking and seven bars of Super meter that the EVO champ would put to good use.

SonicFox ended up getting the Happy Birthday against Tatsunical taking out both his Broly and Nappa in one hard hitting combo. By the time Goku came out to try and finish the job, SonicFox was already one step ahead with impeccable reads and reactions. SonicFox is set to go up against NRG|Supernoon in top 8, but until then, I suggest checking out his big comeback in the clip below.

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Photo credit: Chris Bahn.

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