Finish 'Funny Guy' and Street Fighter 5's missions for 3,050 FM, get the next piece of Cammy's Fiona costume, beat a Shadaloo Solider and more

Also, Fortune Tickets

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • September 14, 2018 at 12:35 p.m. PDT

It's Fight Money Friday as Street Fighter 5 players now have access to this week's missions. In addition to in-game currency we also now have access to the third of four parts of Cammy's upcoming Fiona costume.

As always you can also garner some additional Fortune Tickets if you enjoy rolling the dice in the game's loot box-esque lottery.

If you do all the new missions you'll walk away with 3,050 FM, but you can nab a good bit more because of the Silver Shadaloo Solider Extra Battle that's available only for the next three days.

This EB costs 500 FM a pop and can be attempted up to three times. The reward is 10,000 experience which will most certainly level up any characters that you haven't been using regularly.

The Soldier himself is pretty easy to beat with basics and so you can probably defeat him with whomever you want. I used Guile and jumped up four levels for winning three times leading me to a net profit of 2,500 FM.

The weekly missions themselves are fairly self explanatory with the exception of "Funny Guy." You can see the details on how to rapidly fire through all of them after the jump, and here's the list if you haven't already seen it:

SF5 Missions 9/14/18 image #1
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Funny Guy: This mission isn't difficult to complete, but it can be tough to find out what to do exactly. On the far left side of the London stage, you'll find a janitor in the background who is checking out the fight. As you battle on, he reacts to things that happen.

All you have to do is score a few knockdowns. Eventually, the janitor will fall over and have the bucket land on his head. Complete the match and the 2,500 FM is yours. Here's a visual aid:

Click image for animated version

Perform a throw ten times: Grab an opponent with a regular throw more than nine times and you'll get 50 FM.

View rankings on CFN: Navigate to CFN on the main menu, find the button that allows you to search the leaderboards, get that 250 FM. You can do it.

Join a Battle Lounge: Navigate to the Battle Lounge tab on the main menu, make your way into one, get that 250 FM.

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