Capcom Cup moves to Las Vegas this year

Event will take place December 14th - 16th

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • September 14, 2018 at 10:15 a.m. PDT

We're nearing the end of the year and the conclusion of the Capcom Pro Tour is fast approaching. Capcom has been tight-lipped on information about this year's Capcom Cup finals — until today.

Capcom Cup 2018 will be taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada this year, Capcom has announced. The end-of-the-year event will run from December 14-16 at Esports Arena Las Vegas located inside the Luxor Hotel & Casino.

This is the first time we're seeing the Capcom Cup leave California. Previously, we've seen the big finale held in San Francisco and later move to Anaheim as part of the PlayStation Experience.

Capcom Cup 2018 will pit 32 of the year's best Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition players against each other for the ultimate Street Fighter 5 title. The line up is set to include last year's Capcom Cup champion, RISE|MenaRD — who earned a guaranteed spot for winning last year — the player who wins the last chance qualifier event that takes place at Capcom Cup (before the main event, and 30 of the top placers in the CPT standings (including four regional champions).

There will be $250,000 on the line at Capcom Cup 2018, and an added prize pot bonus stemming from a portion of the proceeds generated from the Capcom Pro Tour DLC will also be included.

Capcom has also mentioned that this year's Capcom Cup will host special guests, though details on what we can expect have not yet been divulged.

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There are 16 stops on the Capcom Pro Tour 2018 remaining before Capcom Cup hits in December. With only seven Premier events (four of which being regional finals), six ranking events, and three online tournaments left, competitors are really going to have to grind in order to get ahead during this home stretch.

We recently took a look at the current Capcom Pro Tour standings to see where the top players sit in regards to making it to Capcom Cup 2018. FUDOH|Fujimura, Mouz|Problem X, and FOX|Tokido currently lead the pack with each player holding over 2,000 CPT points.

Players such as GGP|Kazunoko, Rise|Smug, ESE|The Cool Kid93, AB|StormKubo, and CYG|GamerBee sit just outside of the top 32 on the leaderboard and are not far off, points-wise, from players on the bubble like CO|Dogura, Brolynho, DTN|Itabashi Zangief, and FOX|Punk. The battle to secure a spot on the Capcom Pro Tour is definitely heating up.

The next stop on the Capcom Pro Tour is SoCal Regionals 2018, which is taking place in Ontario, California. This tournament will be a Premier event, which means we'll be seeing many of Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition's top players join in on the action when SCR begins later today.

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