Which stages would we like to see added to Dragon Ball FighterZ? Here are our top 5 picks

Although characters and system mechanics are what makes up the meat and potatoes of any fighting game, the importance of stages can't be overlooked

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • September 13, 2018 at 9:01 a.m. PDT

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a pretty fantastic adaption of the Dragon Ball franchise mixed together to make a serious fighting game experience.

First off, the game just looks gorgeous, and because of the fantastic graphics and top notch attention to detail, several of the battles in the game feel like they're practically ripped straight from the source material.

Ever since release, we've seen a continuous stream of content dropped for the game, mainly in form of additional characters, with some balance patches done as well to tweak the game and its cast.

But what about stages? The game already has quite a few iconic locations such as Planet Namek, the Cell Games Arena and the mountaneous area where Goku and Vegeta have their legendary battle at the end of the Saiyan Saga.

Still, there are so many fantastic locales present in the Dragon Ball franchise that we can't help but feel like there's a few stages we're still missing.

To right this injustice (or more accurately, just kind of talk about it without actually making anything happen), I decided to join up with fellow EventHubs writer Steven "DreamKing" Chavez to talk about what we'd like to see added to Dragon Ball FighterZ as far as locations go.

Nick's Pick: Kame House

Let's be honest, this is just one of the absolute most classic locations in the entire franchise. It's where Goku's training truly began back in the manga's early days, it's the home of one of the series most famed characters Master Roshi (who many are hoping will join the roster via DLC eventually, by the way), and at least half of the characters in the game have been at this place at least once.

I'm pretty sure it's the most frequently recurring location in the Dragon Ball series, and while it's very rare for any fights to take place there, that's all the more reason to have it playable, because of the novelty of it.

Many previous Dragon Ball games have had this as a stage, and in a 3D plane it can feel a bit empty since it's mostly empty water besides the house itself, but given that Dragon Ball FighterZ is played on a 2D plane, that isn't really a problem.

Another thing you could do is have characters cameo in the background, something that isn't really happening on other stages. Have Roshi (assuming he's not playable) look at the fight, or Krillin and Android #18 if they're not part of the match, or the famed turtle who introduced Goku to Roshi to begin with. Hell, you can have the mermaid pop up in the water in the background, too. Basically, there's an abundance of fun easter eggs you can throw in here.

It's also easy to connect it to other places via the knockout mechanic Dragon Ball FighterZ uses. If someone gets knocked out of the edge, you can easily transition to the Islands stage without any trouble.

While we haven't seen any additional stages added to the game thus far, this seems like the most primed location for it — especially if we end up getting the turtle hermit himself as part of the roster at some point.

Steven's Pick: Hyperbolic Time Chamber

The Hyperbolic Time Chamber is a staple of the Dragon Ball Z series. This training facility is located at Kami's Lookout and first made a prominent appearance in the Imperfect Cell Saga.

What makes the Hyperbolic Time Chamber special is the way that time translates over while in the room. Those who spend time in there will experience a full year in a 24 hour span of Earth time.

On top of that, the gravity is upped 10x Earth's in the Chamber, making it ideal for leveling up vastly in a short amount of time — often to defeat a major threat.

The Time Chamber's appearance consists of mainly blank white space and the passage way back into the regular world. There are rooms in the Chamber with beds and restrooms for the inhabitants as well, but for the most part the Chamber is made up of large open space for efficient training.

This stage could be designed similar to a training room you'd see in other fighting games, or possibly similar to Tekken 7's Infinite Azure stage.The Hyperbolic Time Chamber would be calming, would help with focus, and should definitely be added to Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Nick's Pick: Kami's Lookout

Not quite the same, yet not entirely different from Steven's suggestion of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Kami's Lookout is another location that'd be great to do battle at in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

The lookout high above the clouds from which Kami, or later on Dende, overlooks the entire world and pays attention to what's happening on the surface world, this is another area which recurs quite frequently throughout the series.

It's an iconic arena, and it could even be added together with the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and have a stage transition like when Buu opened a dimensional rift between the two places. Having that happen mid-match (well, when a character dies, so kind of mid-match) would feel great for any fan of Dragon Ball, for sure.

You could also make that a situational transition, with more regular transitions simply being knocking the opponent off the edge of the lookout, and have them slamming down to the earth onto the Wastelands stage or something like that. Sending your opponent flying that far is, let's face it, extremely fitting for Dragon Ball Z.

It's another location which isn't just a generic area, but rather a very specific place, making it more distinct as a choice as well. Much like the aforementioned Kame House, you could have character cameos on it, with Dende and Mr. Popo surveying the match, perhaps.

There's ton of potential here, and as far as iconic areas go, this one's close to the top... Yes, that was intentional.

Steven's Pick: Hell/HFIL

Hell or HFIL (Home For Infinite Losers) for those of us who caught the English version of Dragon Ball Z on Cartoon Network, would be an awesome throwback and excellent stage choice for Dragon Ball FighterZ.

After Goku sacrifices himself to defeat Raditz in the Dragon Ball Z series' first saga, he finds himself on Snake Way — an extremely long path leading to King Kai's planet. Goku ends up falling off of Snake Way, plummeting down to Hell, which sits beneath Snake Way.

Here, Goku encounters strange ogres and eventually meets the king of all ogres, King Yemma.

In Dragon Ball Z, Hell is a colorful landscape with strange mountains and jagged trees all around. It also features a blood pond, which would be cool to see in game, but I'm not sure how keen Arc System Works and Bandai Namco would be to putting that in the T-rated fighting title.

Not only would this be a unique and awesome stage in Dragon Ball FighterZ, but as Nick pointed out to me the stage could also have traits linked to Hell's appearance in Movie 12. The Z Warriors face off against Janemba in Hell in this film, but it's a deformed version caused by Janemba.

This could act as a stage transition or Destructive Finish, and this would go over doubly well if Janemba is added as a DLC character in Season 2 — which some people believe he has a good chance of becoming playable due to his popularity.

Nick's Pick: Muscle Tower

A recurring problem when it comes to Dragon Ball adaptations in game form is this: There's too little content from the series' early days.

This is understandable as far as fighters go, of course, given the huge power scaling that took place in the series. It'd be stretching believability to an extreme level, even for Dragon Ball standards, to have a character like General Blue going toe-to-toe with Frieza, for example.

It's also difficult when characters from the early days generally cannot fly or project energy, so you'd have to get very creative with their movesets when a game is so heavily built around these abilities. Sure, you may be able to throw in Bulma in a mech or Mr. Satan/Hercule with a jetpack, but you can't have the majority of the cast built around gimmicks like that.

That's where stages are the perfect opportunity. There are lots of locales from early Dragon Ball which are significant, and give good variety for places to fight in.

Right now, there's no snowy or cold area present in Dragon Ball FighterZ, so what better way to rectify this than to include Muscle Tower, where Goku first started in earnest combating the Red Ribbon Army?

You could have the battles take place right outside of the tower, or just in the snowy village area closeby. There could even be a stage transition moving you inside the tower itself, perhaps to the area where the mysterious ninja Purple fights Goku.

There are some generic battlefields in the Dragon Ball series, and it feels like Dragon Ball FighterZ has those covered really well so far. Now, I'd like to start seeing some unique and distinct location from the series' lore as well.

Did you like our picks? Love them? Hate them? Whatever your opinion is, make sure to sound off in the comments.

Are there any stages you would like to see added to Dragon Ball FighterZ? If so, which? Or is there any other content beyond characters that you're hoping to see included in the game? Let us know that in the comments, too.

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