Vegeta is infamous in Dragon Ball FighterZ due to his assist, but it turns out he can also perform a solo touch-of-death combo too

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • September 13, 2018 at 6:16 a.m. PDT

Vegeta has been one of the most popular and most used characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ not because of just his warm personality and smile, but rather his oppressive and useful assist that locks opponents down and opens the door to new combo possibilities.

The Super Saiyan is not generally seen as a top tier character in DBFZ outside of his assist, but many players still use him as the anchor on their team which may have even more value now after a recent discovery.

Fighting game player Kamoihito recently shared a video to Twitter showing a solo touch-of-death combo performed by Vegeta that may make opponents think twice about saving Cell for their last character.

Fortunately or unfortunately the combo has a bit of a list of requirements and limitations to actually pull it off though it still seems very much possible to perform given some of the other set ups and touch-of-death combos we've already seen in tournaments.

Currently the combo requires both players to be down to their final characters, for Vegeta to be in Sparking, for the player to have all seven bars of Super meter and it's only confirmed to work on Cell right now. The combo uses three of Vegeta's EX knee uppercuts in the corner in which that sequence itself does over 8,000 damage before the Final Flash.

All of these requirements mean that it'll be unlikely we'll see this pulled off in an actual match, but the fact that Vegeta and Cell are still two of the most popular characters in the game means that it's still very possible we could still see it especially if it's tuned more. You can check out the combo below.

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