There's allegedly a car buster mini game coming to Street Fighter 5, according to data miner X-Kira

Vroom Boom

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • September 12, 2018 at 6:38 p.m. PDT

Data miner X-Kira has recently resurfaced on social media and picked up right where he left off scouring through the files of Street Fighter 5 to get an idea of what may be on the horizon.

One claim in particular caught our interest as it doesn't indicate any new DLC characters or massive new story, but instead the return of an absolute Street Fighter classic: the car buster mini game.

Along with a picture of Guy in the same exact bonus stage from Final Fight, X-Kira tweeted out the caption "Bonus: Vroom Vroom coming soon." "Soon" is a very relative term and such a stage would likely come along with a larger update, but our interests are certainly piqued.

Nothing is set in stone here and we'll quickly point out that not everything the Brazilian miner has predicted has come to fruition. In fact this claim is not new, but was actually made back in October of last year.

This along with "Dan's Dojo" are among the few predicted additions to SF5 that have not yet come to pass, though it's entirely possible that files have been in the background and developers have chosen simply not to use them yet.

This year's Arcade Edition update did indeed bring along with it the classic barrel breaker mini game stage as made famous by Street Fighter 2. If Capcom does decide to continue updating the single player modes then why not add in this very recognizable bonus? Let us know if you're hoping for such an addition in the comments below.

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