Rumor: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate newcomer may have been planned for the Nintendo Direct based on the skipped numbered updates on the Smash Blog

Where are updates 134, 135, 136, 137, 140, 141?

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • September 11, 2018 at 11:11 a.m. PDT

I'm sure by this point we're all aware of the unfortunate incident of a magnitude 6.7 earthquake in Hokkaido, Japan that took the lives of nearly 40, left hundreds injured, and others missing.

While this hardly compares to the tragedy, this prompted Nintendo to delay the Direct that was scheduled for September 6th. As of right now, there's been no word on when the Nintendo Direct will be rescheduled.

Many have suspected that it was due time for some news regarding Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Newcomers may have been inbound. The fact that there was no update on Friday in the Smash Blog was very curious.

Updates resumed on Monday as we were able to see that a post was dedicated to Bowser. JaidynReiman on Smashboards has pointed out that the update for Bowser might've actually been intended for Wednesday — tomorrow — by looking into the code on the website.

Keen-eyed fans have noticed that each blog update is numbered within the code. Thursday's update — Pokémon: Alolan Exeggutor — is blog update number 133. Meanwhile, Bowser is apparently labeled as the 142nd update. Finally, Toon Link's update is blog update 138 (while his memory in the Japanese version of the site is 139).

This means that updates 134, 135, 136, 137, 140, and 141 were outright skipped. Outside of this, blog updates 120 and 121 are the only other numbered entries that were skipped previously.

Smash Blog coding image #1 Smash Blog coding image #2
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JaidynReiman went on to point out that the blog post for Simon Belmont's Echo Fighter, Richter Belmont, was posted on the Monday following the week after the August Direct. It's possible that updates 140 and 141 are pointing towards an Echo Fighter and that character's memory update.

These "memory posts" are exclusive to the Asian languages for the site. These basically just talk about the character's origin game or games, which actually don't have a lot to do with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Updates 134 and 135 were probably intended to have something to do with the Nintendo Direct that was scheduled on September 6th. One would serve as a reminder while the other would be a video of the Direct itself.

Supposedly, ever since Mario's blog update post, every week has started by talking about one of the game's characters. Seeing as how Bowser would've been posted on Wednesday instead of Monday if the order was maintained, it's possible something unannounced was intended for Monday.

As for 135 and 136, these posts may have been about a newcomer and that fighter's memory post. Alternatively, one of these updates could've also been dedicated to a note that the site has been updated. These might've been posted on Thursday or Friday.

As of right now, we have no confirmation on what the Nintendo Direct was intended to reveal, though this does let us speculate a bit. We'll just have to wait for Nintendo to reschedule the next Direct before we know anything for sure.

Source via: Billybo10K.

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