Top 5 Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition V-Skills that really need improvements

They can't all be Akuma's V-Skill...

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • September 4, 2018 at 8:04 p.m. PDT

In Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, every playable character on the roster has their own "V-Skill." By pressing the medium punch and medium kick buttons together, the character will launch into a unique maneuver that will aid them in battle.

As is the norm in competitive fighting games, some characters' tools are better than others. A character like Akuma has a V-Skill that acts as a parry, is used to juggle the opponent for larger combos, can be used to anti-air (in some situations), and build V-Gauge all the while.

Other characters on the Street Fighter 5 aren't quite as fortunate... Though you'll likely find some utility from every V-Skill in the game, there are several that just feel much weaker than their fellow street fighters'.

Today we're taking a look at the top five V-Skills in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition that we feel could use some improvements.

The V-Skills listed here aren't necessarily in any kind of order, though they all share a similar lack of utility or effectiveness in-game.

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Vega: Matador Turn

Starting off with a fairly obvious choice, Vega's V-Skill could really use some improvement. The Matador Turn sees Vega perform a short spin that is briefly invincible to oncoming attacks. If he holds the MP+MK buttons after firing of the V-Skill, he'll go into a quick claw strike.

While this looks like it would be a strong tool, the timing is fairly strict to successfully avoid physical attacks — not to mention risky. It can be used to dodge fireballs, but the utility is situational.

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R. Mika: Mic Performance

With this V-Skill, Mika fires into a big speech on the mic that continues if you hold the MP+MK buttons. During the speech, Mika gains power ups that increase the damage on her next command throw.

Outside of the fact that you'll never get far into the speech in an actual match — your best bet is running a little longer during a stun — this move has one hit of armor, which is nice, and the microphone itself has a hit box when Mika spikes it into the ground. Still, you'll usually see Mika players power up very slightly when they get an opening in a match, and that's about it.

Zeku: Tenpo Kari

This V-Skill sees Zeku land a strike that transforms him into his other version upon successful hit. In Old Zeku form he'll hit directly up, while in Young Zeku the ninja will fire into a horizontal strike.

Outside of combos, this V-Skill has little to no use. The Old version does not function as an effective anti-air, and the neither strike has any added armor or anything that would make them useful outside of a combo ender. Even in combos, you'll deal a little bit more damage and build V-Gauge, but Zeku can literally transform from any special move which often leads to better set ups anyway.

Chun-Li: Rankyaku

Chun-Li's Rankyaku sends her flying forward into the air with a diagonal trajectory. If she's close enough, the command jump will hit the opponent and carry them up into the air allowing Chun to follow up with a combo.

This isn't the worst V-Skill in the game, but it could definitely use some improvements. Chun players will sometimes use this V-Skill for combos, and it can be used to close the distance on a fireball character — albeit doing so must be done carefully — however, I'm sure Chun-Li players wouldn't seeing some more utility added to it.

Falke: Psycho Trombe

The name of the game for Falke's V-Skill is stopping fireballs. Unfortuntely, Falke's Psycho Trombe really isn't all that great at that.

This move's start up and recovery aren't very good — 13-frame start up and 22-frame recovery, compared to Nash's 8-frame start up and 19-frame recover for virtually the same move — and though it stays active for a bit longer than you'd think, that's not necessarily helpful in trying to stop projectile-heavy opponents. You can use it in combos, but Falke has better combo ender options in her arsenal.

Do you agree with our list? If not, which V-Skills would you choose? Let us know in the comments below.

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