Update: How much of an impact do you think Street Fighter 5's input lag reduction will actually have on the game? Check out the final poll results

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Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • October 23, 2018 at 6:37 p.m. PDT | Comments: 52

Update: Voting in the poll has closed, so you can see the results to how people think Street Fighter 5's latest patch will affect the game's meta after the jump.

Perhaps the most requested alteration for Street Fighter 5 is coming, (still to a unknown degree) tomorrow as Capcom has announced that they'll be reducing the game's input lag on October 23rd.

This latest franchise entry has been a mere two to four sixtieths of a second slower than previous titles in terms of how fast it registers button presses, but that's made a world of difference to a huge part of the Street Fighter community.

Amongst other attributes, the input lag delay and variation has contributed to a general consensus that essentially states that people are not able to play Street Fighter 5 with the same precision and reaction style used in games past.

The harshest critics of this delay have left the game completely, while some others have begrudgingly stuck around in hopes that an eventual reduction would change SF5 into a fighting game that feels more rewarding.

Others still have been more content, and don't feel the input lag has as great an effect on gameplay as the cries from the aforementioned camps would suggest. Even the EventHubs team is a bit divided in how big of an impact this constantly-discussed topic will actually have.

As such, we're turning to you readers for an answer. Our latest poll asks your feedback on just how much change you think we'll see after tomorrow's patch. Of course, you can further qualify your answer by leaving some comments after.

How much of an impact do you Street Fighter 5's input lag reduction actually have on the game?

1. Some minor tweaks, but ultimately a similar experience: 143 votes / 57.7%
2. A significant change in the meta: 58 votes / 23.4%
3. No impact, same dumb stuff : 47 votes / 19.0%

Total votes: 248

Voting has closed

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