Earn 22,300 Fight Money this week with the 'Sleeping Dog' mission returning; final piece for Mech Zangief costume available for Street Fighter 5

Plus get a second chance at Arthur Ryu, Astaroth M. Bison and Gloria Laura

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • October 19, 2018 at 1:37 p.m. PDT

It's finally Friday which means that Soul Calibur 6 is finally out after six long years, but of course there's new Street Fighter missions to keep us busy as well — they really pay off this time too.

The new batch of weekly Street Fighter 5 missions and Extra Battles are here, and they're offering up to 22,300 Fight Money which you might need if you missed any of the special costumes returning this week.

4,300 FM is currently available just through the weekly missions with 'Sleeping Dog' returning as the biggest earner out of the selection though playing online could also nab you a decent chunk of change.

The big money this week is with the 'High Roller Shadaloo Elite' golden soldier who is willing to dish out 7,500 FM for defeating him up to three times. He does cost 1,500 FM up front to fight him, but he's still susceptible to the usual methods to cheese him out if you so wish.

Mech Zangief's final Extra Battle mission is also now available for players who have kept up the past three weeks costing the usual 2,500 FM to complete the full set.

There's also bonus Extra Battles this week with Ryu and M. Bison's Ghosts 'n Goblins crossover costumes plus Laura's Devil May Cry outfit's first missions returning for those who missed them the first time around. They are also available to purchase in a bundle including Ken and Ed's Devil May Cry costumes for $14.99. You can check out the missions and costumes below plus how to complete them after the jump.

SF5 weekly mission 10/19 image #1 SF5 weekly mission 10/19 image #2 SF5 weekly mission 10/19 image #3 SF5 weekly mission 10/19 image #4 SF5 weekly mission 10/19 image #5 SF5 weekly mission 10/19 image #6
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Sleeping Dog - Head into Versus mode and select the Apprentice Alley stage. On the left-hand side of the arena there is a snoozing dog, and all you need to do is knock down your opponent in near him three times to wake him up. Win the match and 2,500 FM is yours.

Perform a combo 10 time(s)! - In any versus or online mode, string together at least two of your attacks for a combo 10 different times for a whopping 50 FM.

Win 10 Casual Match(es)! - This one will be the most time consuming, but also fairly straightforward. Load up the Casual Match search and win 10 games to earn a decent 1,500 FM.

Play Survival Mode! - Simply head into Survival Mode and start playing to earn a quick 250 FM.

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