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We're possibly less than a month away from Street Fighter 5's next big DLC reveal

Capcom and Red Bull really like to tease

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • October 18, 2018 at 8 p.m. PDT • Comments: 37

It's crazy how time flies, but Street Fighter 5's final Season 3 DLC characters released over two months ago now following Sagat and G's reveals at EVO 2018 — though we might not need to wait to much longer to get a taste of what's coming next.

Red Bull Conquest is returning once again to serve as a premier event for the Capcom Pro Tour and also the North American Regional Finals taking place between November 17th and 18th next month, and we're probably going to get at least a tease or reveal there going off of previous years.

Both previous Red Bull Battlegrounds regional final events in 2016 and 2017 featured a look into the upcoming season for Street Fighter 5 though they went about their presentations in very different ways.

Following the conclusion of the tournament two years ago, a brief trailer was shown off that revealed that the demon fighter Akuma would be coming to Street Fighter 5 and would be playable just a few weeks later at PlayStation Experience.

We didn't get to see his face or redesigned mane, but we got our first taste of the new Raging Demon that also drummed up even more excitement for PSX and Capcom Cup that December because it was players' first opportunities to try SF5 Season 2.

Capcom and Red Bull decided to make things a little less up front / obvious — though only slightly so — in 2017 when instead of the Sagat teaser many were expecting, they dropped plastic flowers from the ceiling along with the confetti following the finals which most people instantly caught on to.

Sakura Petals image #1 Sakura Petals image #2 Sakura Petals image #3 Sakura Petals image #4 Sakura Petals image #5
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These pink flowers and confetti were meant to symbolize falling cherry blossom petals which in Japanese are called sakura. This hint was later fulfilled when Sakura's trailer was first revealed after the Capcom Cup 2017 finals — before Yoshinori Ono revealed the rest of the Season 3 DLC cast.

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Akuma and Sakura were both the first characters to be released for their respective seasons, so there's a really good chance we could see something similar at Red Bull Conquest in a month teasing what character we should expect first for Street Fighter 5 Season 4.

Capcom has largely been a creature of habit when it comes to reveals and releases for Street Fighter 5 with almost every DLC character becoming available on a Tuesday during the latter half of a month — with the only exceptions being G, Sagat, Ibuki and Balrog.

If they do decide to essentially reveal a character for the third year in a row next month, the question then becomes what character will we see first? Sakura and Akuma were returning legacy characters, so we'll likely see the return of a classic character after the North American Regional Finals.

Prominent leaker Vergeben believes that C. Viper, Sodom, Oro, Q and Necro will be the returning DLC characters for SF5 in 2019, so we should also think about how those characters could possibly be revealed.

Vergeben's latest claims - Street Fighter 5 Season 4 image #1
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Should the tournament's runner up be tazed and lit on fire? Should Ono drop down from the ceiling in Oro's sleeping bag and scare the crap out of the crowd? Should he come our in a Sodom or Q mask? Or should we simply receive a teaser trailer to bring in more excitement for Capcom Cup 2018?

We should find out exactly a month from now what Capcom decides, but I'd put some good money on the chances of seeing something new for Street Fighter at Red Bull Conquest if I were a betting man.

Image source: Alex Myers
Video source: VesperArcade

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