One change we'd make to every character in Season 4 of Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition

Although we say few to no changes would be OK for some characters on the EventHubs Podcast

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • October 17, 2018 at 8:01 p.m. PDT | Comments: 72

It's that time of year again when Street Fighter 5 fans excitedly begin speculating what's going to happen as Capcom re-balances their game for the upcoming Season.

Dreamking joins us this week as we offer our six cents to the conversation and go down the entire 34-character roster to chime in with at least one important change for each fighter.

Some characters, like Ryu and Chun-Li, have found themselves on vastly different parts of the overall tier list since SF5's beginnings, while others like Cammy have yet to stray much from where they started.

Plus how would we fix jokingly bad-status characters like Vega, Alex and Zangief? The answer to the latter of those may or may not be to add an old move that rhymes with "mean band."

Our three differing perspectives take turns jiving and clashing as we realize we're very relieved to not have to actually go through and try to re-balance the game's growing Character Select screen.

We also discuss a few recent news topics such as Marvel vs. Capcom 4 rumors, Capcom's plans to further dive into eSports and more.

If you have one change you'd like to see for a specific character, please feel free to leave it in the comments below.


Editor's note: We've noticed the timestamps appear to change depending on the medium you're using to listen. The ones below may place you a few seconds before when each respective topic actually comes up.

00:00 - News recap
18:51 - Cammy
25:51 - Menat
36:18 - Akuma
42:43 - Guile
46:17 - M. Bison
53:38 - Urien
1:00:42 - Ibuki
1:05:37 - G
1:12:30 - Karin
1:15:46 - Necalli
1:25:50 - Rashid
1:33:47 - Birdie
1:38:18 - Kolin
1:40:52 - Dhalsim
1:48:00 - R. Mika
1:55:28 - Abigail
2:02:29 - Nash
2:06:20 - Balrog
2:09:42 - Cody
2:14:14 - Laura
2:17:51 - Ken
2:23:17 - Sagat
2:29:05 - Zeku
2:34:46 - Blanka
2:39:05 - Chun-Li
2:41:42 - F.A.N.G
2:45:59 - Falke
2:50:56 - Ed
2:54:53 - Juri
2:59:06 - Ryu
3:03:24 - Alex
3:08:58 - Vega
3:12:18 - Sakura
3:15:53 - Zangief

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