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'Respectful Spectating' returns in this week's Street Fighter 5 mission with 3,300 Fight Money up for grabs and Mech Zangief's third costume piece

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • October 12, 2018 at 1:33 p.m. PDT • Comments: 6

It's Friday once again which means that college football is back again tomorrow, but who cares about that when there's new missions and Extra Battles available in Street Fighter 5.

This week is pretty standard as far as new missions go with no Shadaloo soldiers to fight and only the typical 3,300 Fight Money available with the returning 'Respectful Spectating' being the big earner this time.

Triggered Necalli is back as this week's special Extra Battle for those that missed him the first time around. He's an even stronger version of the beast-like fighter, so you should be a bit careful in dropping your 1,000 FM to fight him. He does seem to be a bit toned down compared to some of the other boss characters though like Shin Akuma.

Mech Zangief's third piece of his costume is also now available in Extra Battle. You'll need to drop 2,500 FM to fight the cybernetic wrestler and obtain the 'fire gem' he's holding.

Cheaper fortune tickets are also back this week for taking on Vega in his nostalgia costume. This will also be the final weekend that Balrog's Mike look-a-like costume will be available in Fighting Chance for those who are still looking to unlock the exclusive outfit.

You can check out which missions and Extra Battles are now available in the gallery below, and learn how to complete them after the jump.

SF5 weekly mission 10/12 image #1 SF5 weekly mission 10/12 image #2 SF5 weekly mission 10/12 image #3 SF5 weekly mission 10/12 image #4 SF5 weekly mission 10/12 image #5
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Perform a normal throw 10 time(s)! - While in Versus or online matches, hit those light attack buttons and throw your opponent on 10 occasions to earn a whopping 50 FM.

Respectful Spectating - Head to the Underground Arena stage for a match, and simply knock down your opponent in front of the bear until he falls over to earn 2,500 FM. You can even earn this mission while fighting Mech Zangief this week.

Play Training Mode! - Just load up Training Mode to earn an easy 250 FM.

Clear Trials #01-#05 consecutively! - Head on over to character trials and select a fighter. Complete their first five trials in a row — you can make mistakes — to earn 500 FM. It shouldn't matter if you've previously completed them.

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