Watch one of Dragon Ball FighterZ's best players win a game with a perfect AND a Dramatic Finish for ultimate hype

SonicFox continues to wow us

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • October 11, 2018 at 9:43 a.m. PDT | Comments: 23

Winning a game in Dragon Ball FighterZ with a perfect is already a rare occurrence. Doing it AND scoring the Dramatic Finish too? Now that's got to be a needle in a hay stack.

Despite the probability of pulling these two things off in tandem in a serious Dragon Ball FighterZ match, one of the game's best players managed to do so during a recent stream. FOX|SonicFox is back with another amazing Dragon Ball FighterZ moment.

Earlier this week, top-notch Marvel vs. Capcom series player PG|RayRay held a live stream on which he was joined by fellow competitive fighting gamers SonicFox, Dieminion, and Alukard. The guys sat down to run some Dragon Ball FighterZ matches, bringing viewers over three hours of exciting bouts.

In a match against Dieminion, SonicFox's new team of Beerus, Bardock, and Android 16 got the ball rolling with intense offensive pressure. He kept the pace up so much that Dieminion was unable to find an opening, resulting in a perfect for SonicFox.

SonicFox wanted to go the extra mile here, though, so using Beerus after a raw tag from Bardock and Sparking, SonicFox confirmed into a combo that ended with the right attack and position on screen to fire into the Dramatic Finish against Dieminion's Super Saiyan Goku.

The understanding of Dragon Ball FighterZ and ability to keep adapting from SonicFox is truly remarkable. We've seen him put Gotenks on the map in the past, and now it looks like he aims to do the same for Beerus — who he believes is high tier despite the general consensus believing the character is weak.

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