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Is he a redeemer or the evil incarnate? Street Fighter 5's composer on his approach to tackling G's theme; shares a remix of Sagat's theme

The president has a connection to Depeche Mode?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • October 11, 2018 at 3:53 p.m. PDT • Comments: 16

Music is something that won't inherently make or break a fighting game, but a great soundtrack will turn heads and can make a good game great with a solid collection of catchy tunes.

The Street Fighter series has been known to have some of the most iconic themes in the genre, and 5 carries on that tradition for most players it seems. With updated classics like Ken's theme to the bombastic theme for Necalli, Street Fighter 5 provides some great tracks to get pumped up for the next match — though there are some that are not as strong as the rest.

Composer Daniel Lindholm is responisble for themes in Street Fighter 5 for characters like Ed, Menat, Zeku, Cody and G. He previously revealed that Ed's theme was indeed based on Eminem's signature 'Lose Yourself' track.

Steven Mane, the voice actor who recently put together a very elaborate theory pertaining to G and Q's identities, decided he wanted to dig deeper into G's history, so spoke with Lindholm about what he knows about the character, his influences for creating these tracks and how much control he has in making them.

Lindholm reveals that he doesn't know much more about the president of the world than we do at home, but that his theme was created with the apparent duality of the character in mind partially represented by a connection to a Depeche Mode song.

"Who is he, and where does he come from? Is he a good guy or a bad guy?" said Lindholm. "The documents about him were and still are a mystery to me. Since he looks a lot like Mr. Lincoln himself, and since I saw his opening animation before the fight, I went with instruments of the Earth - woodwinds and viola and violin to represent that element... and I felt a trumpet and a trombone was an obvious choice to display his presidential ways."

The general theme was decided upon by Capcom according to Lindholm, but states that the arrangements chosen were all his own work.

"The kick drum line is a reflection of Depeche Mode's 'Personal Jesus' which kinda adds that duality of G I mentioned earlier," said Lindholm. "Is he a redeemer or the evil incarnate? The way he moves and the way he talks feels very conflicting. So having that kick drum pattern locked in really makes you think, 'Is he a psycho, or is he really that dedicated to his cause?'"

Lindholm also discusses the balancing act required to make Street Fighter 5 themes for characters with a long history like Sakura and Cody stating that Sakura's needed to show growth for the character while for Cody he was "trying not to piss off the fans in the forums" for changing too much.

"We kept the hip hop, but trying to get that positive spin, I had to add the live trumpets as a confirmation that Cody has left his past behind him and started his next chapter in life," said Lindholm.

You can check out Mane's full interview with Lindholm here where they discuss more about G, Ed and the other character themes in the game. You can also check out Lindholm's own take on Sagat's theme that's currently not in the game below.

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