Fujimura's perfect finish, Nadeshiko's chair to the rescue and did Sako top himself? Topanga League 7 Finals highlights

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • October 11, 2018 at 8:19 p.m. PDT

Topanga League 7 wrapped up yesterdaywith the best players from Japan competing for over $13,000 for the first place prize, and boy was it a wild day.

FD|Fujimura, CYG|Fuudo, GRPT|MOV, Gachikun, FAV|Sako and OC|Gafro faced off in first to seven matches for the final time with two games each on finals day.

The Ibuki legend ended up taking home the grand prize in perfect fashion which you can read more about in our full break down of the last day of Topanga League, but here we're going to celebrate some of the best moments of the event finale.

We've got a small collection of highlights here courtesy of our old friend HiFight who has shared the clips online due to it being a bit harder to watch than a standard tournament that was on Twitch.

In the clips below, you'll find an assortment of crazy orb combos from Sako, comebacks, smart plays and even Nadeshiko coming in to save the day with her chair... and also missing her opportunity to help.

Let's start things off with the final showdown of the event where Fuudo and Fujimura share a crazy exchange in the corner where Ibuki's Fuma Shuriken appears to give him the round... but then Nadeshiko runs out with the chair.

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Gachikun expertly dodges Nadeshiko coming for him with the chair in his set with Fuudo taking Rashid airborne and stunning Mika in the process.

Sako gets his V-Trigger early in his first match against Fujimura leading to a seemingly never ending barrage of orb shenanigans that even the Ibuki player can't keep up with. Fujimura wouldn't repeat his mistakes in round two though...

Sako tries to finish Fujimura off after his V-Trigger combo with Critical Art, but makes a crucial drop allowing Fujimura to come all the way back with his own CA finish.

Sako stays alive by dodging Fujimura's Fuma Shuriken while simultaneously hitting Ibuki with his own orbs.

Gachikun stuns MOV in the corner but actually pushes him out of it before he can recover and get hit by Rashid's V-Trigger tornado so he can still get the maximum punish.

Gafro and Sako's match uses up all 99 ticks of the in game clock with the Balrog player pulling a literal last second comeback against Menat.

Sako pulls off perhaps one of his craziest orb combos yet against Gafro knocking him straight up in the air and dropping him directly onto her main orb that's ready to explode.

The final game of Topanga League goes down to the final round, but Fujimura ends the tournament the only way he knows how... with a perfect.

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