With Season 4 of Street Fighter 5 right around the corner, which characters are we hoping to see join the fight?

There are still many fan favorites missing, but brand new fighters are also on the table

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • October 10, 2018 at 2:33 p.m. PDT | Comments: 149

With the current competitive season of Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition drawing ever closer to its end, we're approaching the time where Season 4 might start to get hinted or revealed.

Since it's getting ever closer, my colleague Steven "DreamKing" Chavez and I decided it's time for another one of our collaboration pieces, where we look at which characters we're hoping to see enter the fray next year.

Typically, we get the proper unveiling of the first character at Capcom Cup, and although that is two months away at this point, hinting and such usually starts a bit earlier, with a big Sakura hint shown at the North American Regional Finals of the Capcom Pro Tour last year.

So with Season 4 rapidly approaching, naturally the question on everybody's mind is, what are we getting? While there may be gameplay changes or a second cinematic story mode or all kinds of things showing up, those are areas we can't really predict, but one thing we can be sure of is that we'll be getting new characters.

The nature of the characters is of course unknown — Season 1 saw nothing but familiar faces return, while Season 2 was almost entirely brand new characters (the highly demanded Akuma being the only exception), and this year we got a healthy mix of 4 old characters and 2 brand new ones.

Because of this, we didn't really impose any rules on our picks — we just go with what we're most hoping to see for Season 4, and elaborate on why. So then, without further ado, please continue below to see who we've chosen. To make it like a proper season, we did three picks each, for a total of six characters.

Steven's Pick: Noembelu

Noembelu is a character I've been wanting to see playable for a long time now. She is one of the several M. Bison dolls who has not yet legitimately occupied a spot on a Street Fighter game's roster, but I think it's about time that changes.

Though the prospect of adding a Bison doll to the game's line up is probably not one that people are too fond of (we have plenty of Cammy already), Noembelu is the one exception I make. By far, I think she is the most interesting design of all the dolls, and an awesome design overall.

Of the Bison dolls, Noembelu is physically the strongest — we see a glimpse of this in Street Fighter 5's cinematic story mode, "A Shadow Falls," where she easily takes down Birdie with only a couple of hits. She is a Native American girl who also fights wielding dual tomahawks.

I believe Noembelu has a lot of potential in a game like Street Fighter 5. She'd be able to hit hard, and her tomahawks would likely give her some potent mix up potential (assuming she can throw them).

For me, Noembelu is one of those characters I've been hoping for over the years, and I hope she makes this cut next season.

Nick's Pick: Maki Genryusai

As one of my absolute favorite characters in the entire franchise, it's a true and honest shame that Maki has barely made any appearances in the Street Fighter series, and is likely way off Capcom's radar whenever they think about adding new characters to the games.

She originally showed up in Final Fight 2 as one of the game's playable characters alongside Haggar from the original game and another brand new character, Carlos Miyamoto, and was later added to the roster of Capcom vs. SNK 2 as a somewhat surprising pick, with a moveset that was clearly inspired by Guy, though quite different.

Fighting relatively similar to Guy is to be expected, since storywise they're both students of Bushinryu, and they also have a personal connection with Maki being the younger sister of Guy's fiancée, Rena.

In Capcom vs. SNK 2, Maki's moveset felt like Guy's at first glance with the run movement, but she also had the ability to run back, and her followups after run were entirely different from the male Bushinryu master of Final Fight fame.

Overall, she brings a distinctly different flavor to the Bushinryu fighting style than Guy, and even the newly added Zeku do, so dismissing her as just another ninja would be a grave mistake.

Fitting of a Street Fighter, Maki was a delinquent in her school days and even the leader of a biker gang, which is reflected well in her attitude and fiery personality that she still retains even while praciticng the Bushinryu fighting style. Her story, as it ties to Street Fighter, is that she's searching for Guy in order to challenge him for the title of current master of Bushinryu.

With the re-emergence of Zeku in Street Fighter lore, it's hard to judge what exactly is going on with Bushinryu and its story elements, considering it was originally stated back in Street Fighter Alpha that after Guy defeated Zeku for the title of Master, Zeku disappeared, which is clearly no longer the case.

Because of Zeku's return in the story and addition to the roster, it'd be difficult to add Maki without Guy's absence feeling like an enormous elephant in the room that needs to be adressed, but she's still one of my favorites and I'll keep hoping that Capcom come to their senses and bring her back one of these days.

Steven's Pick: Dudley

This one is about as obvious as it gets... I want Dudley in Street Fighter 5. Gasp! Shocker, right?

If you've been on the site for a while and are familiar with some of my past work, you probably know that I was a Dudley main back in the Street Fighter 4 days. Dudley's powerful rushdown and devastating / stylish combos are my M.O. when it comes to fighting games, and the Street Fighter 3 pugilist is my favorite character of the entire Street Fighter franchise.

Needless to say, I'm hoping Dudley gets added to Street Fighter 5 this coming season. With Street Fighter 5 being so heavily driven by offense, not to mention the potential to end a round in only a few mix ups, I feel like Dudley would be a perfect fit here.

More Street Fighter 3 representation in Street Fighter 5 is always welcome, and Dudley's rival — Balrog — is already a part of the game's cast. On top of that, I'd love to see what kind of crazy stuff Dudley would have mapped to his V-Triggers.

It feels like it's only a matter of time until Dudley makes it into the game, so let's cut down the wait time and get him in next year, Capcom!

Nick's Pick: E. Honda

First of all, I'm not as big of a Street Fighter 2 cast loyalist as most people tend to be. I don't necessarily think that all of the (pre-New Challengers) characters need to be in any given Street Fighter roster, but Honda's omission irks me for a variety of reasons.

Based on the polls conducted by Capcom themselves, both the one from 2013 and the one from last year, it's obvious that he's not that unpopular, in fact edging out a few characters from Street Fighter 2 that have been included, namely Balrog both times and Dhalsim this last time.

It's seems like a recurring theme as well, considering E. Honda was the only of the original Street Fighter 2 fighters (including the four bosses) that wasn't part of the Street Fighter X Tekken roster after DLC, either, meaning that Capcom seem to have a pattern of seeing him as the most expendable out of the group.

Considering the iconic moveset and unique fighting style attached to E. Honda, I think it's a shame that he's put aside so often. Even though his visual design and story is fairly generic and doesn't exactly excite, his strong points more than make up for that.

It's hard to imagine that story can be the main point against him either, when you have such non-factors as Zeku and Abigail added last year, and Blanka this year who seem to have little to no connection to the story at all, even based on their own story modes where they all seem to be extremely detached from any other happenings or characters.

He's also one of those characters who feel like you could very easily transition into Street Fighter 5 and make him work just fine. Much like Blanka and Sagat, he'd likely be a character that veteran players of the characters definitely feel at home with, even in a new game, with some small added flair through the V-System.

In conclusion, while he tends to hover right around the middle in any popularity poll, and has never been a character people exactly burn for, I don't think that's reason enough to disinclude him when all the other Street Fighter 2 cast are put in.

People don't tend be overly hyped for Zangief or Dhalsim either, yet Capcom went out of their way to include them in the initial launch, so being three years down the line and still having Honda be the only holdout feels weird.

Steven's Pick: Pullum Purna

Now, this choice is a little more... out there, but hear me out. With the release and subsequent success of Fighting EX Layer, I think it would be great to see one of the old Street Fighter EX characters join Street Fighter 5.

My choice here would be Pullum Purna. Pullum is another character design I've always been fond of and I think she could be a great addition to the Street Fighter 5 roster.

We're seeing that Arika, the company behind FEXL, is open to crossovers as they are adding King of Fighters' Terry Bogard to their game and allowing their own Skullomania to join SNK's SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy. It would be fantastic to see a Street Fighter EX reunion in the form of a Street Fighter 5 DLC character.

In Fighting EX Layer, Pullum has attacks that echo Abel, Cammy, Remy, and even Rashid. It would be great to see her equipped with chains and extended juggle combos too, much like we see in FEXL.

I know that IF we were to get a FEXL character in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, people likely want it to be Skullomania. But he's already joining another fighter, so let's get Pullum up in the mix!

Nick's Pick: Poison

I remember back when Poison's inclusion in Street Fighter X Tekken was shown. I was completely over the moon. I never really knew I wanted her playable until she was right there, in front of me, and even though I ended up not using her in Street Fighter X Tekken in the end, I still remember how psyched I was by her initial trailer.

Fast forward to her eventual inclusion in Ultra Street Fighter 4, and she was the first character I actually shifted away from Cody for, and played seriously for a few months, something no other character in the game had managed to make me do. Although I returned to Cody in the end, I still had Poison as a pocket character, and loved the way they'd designed her for the Street Fighter 4 engine.

As a huge fan of all things Final Fight, I range from like to love for all the Final Fight fighters in Street Fighter (besides Sodom, but that's another story), and Poison is one of my absolute favorites. Once Capcom finally opened the Final Fight gate with Abigail and Zeku last year, and now that Cody is in as well, hopefully we can start to see some other favorites from the classic brawling scroller return, too.

While I've leveled heavy criticisms in the past, which I still stand by, at how drastically Cody's moveset has been changed in Street Fighter 5 from his past appearances, and am fully prepared that the same could happen to Poison if she were to be included, it's just a risk I'll have to accept when asking for her.

Capcom have mixed up movesets for quite a few of their returning characters with quite varied results, and although I love Poison's Street Fighter 4 moveset and hope it'd be relatively intact, it's naïve to expect her to be a safe lock to remain the way she was after the massive revamps to Cody and Juri, who were both extremely popular characters before they were changed.

Storywise, Poison really doesn't do too much that would connect her to the overarching plot, and mostly just tends to be loosely tied to the goings on with other Final Fight characters, and her strong connection with Hugo is obviously a big part of the character. It's hard to imagine Poison being added without Hugo joining alongside her.

Given that we're approaching the Street Fighter 3 era as far as storylines go, and Poison is a successful wrestling promoter who represents Hugo in the Street Fighter 3 series, it'd be easy to include them given the large amount of wrestlers present in the game. Hell, if Capcom wanted, they could do a full wrestler season and throw in Haggar and some Saturday Night Slam Masters characters — sky's the limit.

Given her high level of popularity, Poison seems like a fairly likely choice for Capcom to include in the game going forward, but whether she'll be in this next season or not is hard to say. I guess, if Season 3 is any indication, we'll find out in about two months time whether she's in or not. If not, there's always next season, right?

A funny sidenote after looking through our picks is that it adds up perfectly with Season 3, being two brand new characters and four returning. It wasn't intentional, but maybe it was fate... ?

How do you feel about our picks? Is there anyone from this list you're hoping for as well, or anyone you weren't thinking about but became interested in after reading? Who else are you hoping for? Let us know in the comments.

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