Input lag reduction for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition coming October 23rd

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The Street Fighter Twitter account has announced that input lag will be reduced in an upcoming update for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition on October 23, 2018. It's been confirmed that Capcom is aware of the issues and will improve the speed in which inputs are registered.

When Street Fighter 5 was first released, many players were able to really feel the eight frames of input delay. This made whiff punishing extremely difficult.

Eventually, Capcom was able to reduce the latency somewhat. On average, there were about 6.2 frames of input lag.

For comparison, Street Fighter 4 and its many revisions only had about 4 frames of delay on the Xbox 360 version. The issue with Street Fighter 5's lag mostly appeared to stem from Unreal Engine 4.

Simply put, this was not enough for players and we have all been very vocal about this issue. Even when it was announced that Bandai Namco would be tweaking the input delay for Tekken 7, Capcom made no announcements.

It is currently unknown how much the input lag will be reduced. Supposedly, Tekken 7's delay was reduced from 7.7 to 5.7 frames. We'll just have to wait for more information or for October 23rd to roll around in order to know how much of a reduction this will be.

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It wasn't just input lag that fans were annoyed by when Street Fighter 5 was first released. While it has taken some time, Capcom has been addressing these issues over time.

Before 2018, Street Fighter 5 didn't even have a single player arcade mode. This alienated many casual fans as a result.

Now, with the Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition update released in January of this year, players can jump into a traditional Arcade Mode that features themes set to each main Street Fighter title and unlock over 100 character endings.

Online play has also seen improvements with updates. Initially, rage quitters were able to elude rank point reductions from losses by quitting early. Since then, the netcode has been improved, rage quitters are now punished more thoroughly, and players have been given the ability to blacklist others.

After some time, the game felt somewhat stale to many as there were a lack of options. To address this, Capcom added new V-Triggers for every character in the game.

For the longest time, the input lag has been one of the most rampant problems for the latest Street Fighter entry. More and more, Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition is seeing a very improved experience for casual and hardcore players alike.

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