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Minecraft PR gives curious response to question about Steve representation in Super Smash Bros. at Minecon party

'We actually don't have any news on that'

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • October 7, 2018 at 5:37 a.m. PDT • Comments: 16

Minecon 2018 took place not too long ago on September 29, 2018. Minecraft is such a popular game that it gets its own con now. According to PC Gamer, Minecraft has sold over 144 million (now over 154 million) copies of the game as of January 2018 — which makes it the second best-selling video game of all time next to Tetris.

Rumors have been circulating about the potential of some sort of Minecraft representation in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In fact, the leaker that was able to successfully predict the Ice Climbers, Snake, Ridley, Simon Belmont, and Isabelle before their reveals has commented that Minecraft will have a presence of sorts.

The leaker has never been able to confirm how Minecraft will be portrayed in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This individual has pondered about the possibilities of a stage, Assist Trophy, and character slot. As always, it's very important to take every rumor with a grain of salt.

Swagorn had the interesting idea to ask the developers at the Minecon party if Steve will be in Super Smash Bros. now that Minecraft is on the Nintendo Switch. Apparently, the purpose of this question was just meant to be a joke. Curiously though, it was the person in charge of the public relations that answered rather than the developers themselves.

Rather than outright denying the possibility or stating that no such conversation has occurred between the Minecraft team and Nintendo, it was declared that they "don't have any news on that." Instead, it was suggested that fans upvote requests on a forum so that they can show Nintendo.

This could mean that some sort of non-disclosure agreement was signed or it could mean absolutely nothing at all. Swagorn stated that the developers present there weren't big names within the company so it's possible that nobody there knew anything about Minecraft representation in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate anyhow.

Many have debated on whether or not Steve would even be "worthy" enough for a playable character slot. There's no doubt that this would be a very interesting crossover as Minecraft is now owned by Microsoft. This could open the way for Rare's Banjo and Kazooie too.

It's worth mentioning that Masahiro Sakurai has talked about his experience with playing and replaying Minecraft in a Famitsu column. The translation of this piece can be found on Source Gaming.

But achieving high success within the video game industry is not necessarily a guarantee that a series will receive representation like this. Notably, Tetris — the best-selling video game ever with over 170 million lifetime sales — has only received representation in the form of a music track. The idea that the Tetris block can potentially become a fighter has been a meme within the Smash community for some time now.

While there are those that might be overjoyed to see Steve playable, others have expressed resistance to the concept. Although the Super Smash Bros. series is known for its selection of quirky and oddball character choices like Mr. Game and Watch, R.O.B., Wii Fit Trainer, and Duck Hunt, they are not always meant with immediate praise from fans upon their initial reveals.

Does Steve really deserve the honor to fight alongside the likes of Mario, Samus, Donkey Kong, Pikachu, Link, Zelda, Kirby, Fox, Captain Falcon, Metal Gear's Snake, the Pokémon Trainer, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, Street Fighter's Ryu, Final Fantasy's Cloud Strife, Bayonetta, Splatoon's Inklings, Castlevania's Simon Belmont, or King K. Rool? Is Steve really a gaming icon to the same degree as those characters?

Theoretically, we should know before the game is actually released on December 7, 2018. Masahiro Sakurai has stated that the full roster will be revealed before this date arrives.

Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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