New Dragon Ball Super: Broly trailer brings Gogeta into the mix

Another character that might be a prime candidate for Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • November 29, 2018 at 3:27 p.m. PST

A new trailer for the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie was released today and it features the first look at a fan-favorite fighter. Gogeta, the other fusion of Goku and Vegeta, will be taking on Broly in the film.

The new trailer brings viewers about 30 seconds of clips showing Gogeta facing Broly. In it, we see this fused fighter transform into all three of his forms: Base, Super Saiyan, and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan.

For those unfamiliar, Gogeta is the fusion of Goku and Vegeta when they perform the fusion dance. He dons the same clothing that characters who fuse using the fusion dance always wear, and his body takes more after Goku while his face seems to lean more towards Vegeta.

Vegito is the other form of Goku and Vegeta fused, except this form is brought about by the Potara earrings. We see Super Saiyan Blue Vegito as a playable character in Arc System Works / Bandai Namco's 3v3 fighting title, Dragon Ball FighterZ.

With another fusion jumping into the spotlight by way of the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie, we can't help but think that Gogeta might be a strong candidate for the next wave of Dragon Ball FighterZ's DLC — if we do in fact see another season of content.

Bandai Namco and Arc System Works are definitely not shy about adding as many forms of Goku and Vegeta into the fast-paced fighting game. In Dragon Ball FighterZ currently we have Super Saiyan Goku, Super Saiyan Vegeta, Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku, Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegeta, Goku Black, Base Form Goku, Base Form Vegeta, Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegito, and Bardock (who isn't technically Goku, but is his father and is strikingly similar in appearance).

Only time will tell if we'll see Gogeta added to Dragon Ball FighterZ as DLC, but until we know for sure you can see him in action in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. The film hits theaters nationwide January 16, 2019.

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