Here are two online features that Street Fighter 5 should receive in Season 4 that have nothing to do with netcode

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • November 8, 2018 at 8:27 p.m. PST

Now that Street Fighter 5's most glaring technical issue of variable input delay is seemingly a thing of the past, it's time to look to what Capcom could add in value for the title moving forward even if it's just quality of life improvements.

The developers made a few of those quality of life changes at what appeared to be random times during 2018 by reducing the load time for going back to your previous mode like Training after completing an online match to almost nothing. Capcom also added an option to take the characters just used in an online battle straight into Training Mode to test out things that may have played out during the bout.

I have a few more similar ideas on my wish list for Season 4, but they're a bit more significant than the previous ones for new additions to the online suite.

These new potential inclusions have nothing to do with "fixing" Street Fighter 5's netcode which is still many players' hangups about the game now that the input lag has been further reduced.

To put things in their simplest forms, Street Fighter 5 should add a possibly very important feature to Training Mode, and more players should be able to battle at once without waiting in line for dozens of minutes at a time when older games have handled it better.

One of those features was reportedly uncovered by data-miner X-Kira back in 2017, but it would turn out to be Street Fighter 5's recent Dojo Mode.

Online Training Mode

Ultra Street Fighter 4 featured a mode in which you could hit up Training Mode against your friends and players online. It was a very handy tool to test new ideas or setups against a live person without them needing to be in the room.

Street Fighter 5's training options eclipse those of its predecessor in almost every way except for this one feature which feels even more important in 2018 with players using online tools both inside the game and outside of it to increase their skills.

Adding this feature in Season 4 would better allow players to teach each other in real time without needing to rely on Battle Lounge which you'll need to reset after completing the matches, and they'll get to use the training tools like the frame advantage counters in new ways.

Obviously, some of SF5's training suite would need to be disabled for online use in all likelihood, but using the mode with online friends and others would help many of us who don't learn as well by just watching videos and hitting dummies for hours on end.

Allow multiple matches at once in Battle Lounge

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is one of my favorite fighting games of all time, and its online match options I feel spoiled me a bit once I began playing Street Fighter 5 and some other titles. Like many other recent Arc System Works titles, you could walk up to other players / a digital arcade unit to challenge them in an open lobby, but that's not what I necessarily want for SF5.

For Street Fighter 5, Battle Lounge should be updated with the options to play multiple matches at once as long as there's enough people to do so. It's currently set up as a queue where up to six other players need to wait their turn while the first two battle it out. Lose and you'll go to the back of the line.

That method is fine if we're talking about arcade rules, but we're in 2018 now; issues like this were solved many years ago.

Ultimax allowed the third and fourth, fifth and sixth, and so on players in a lobby to also have matches where winners would move up the ladder and losers would stay / move down. This naturally led to less down time between matches and gave a stronger sense of competition within a group of friends.

Some players are likely fine with how Battle Lounge has worked for the past two-and-a-half years, but I'm sure there's many out there like me who do not want to spend their time behind four or five other players waiting to get my turn when there's multiple candidates to take on who are already in the same room.

Those are two online features I'd love to see added to Street Fighter 5 in 2019, but let us know in the comments what modes and features the fighter is still lacking in and hope to see changed in the future.

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