He's looking way too good to be considered a joke character: Piranha Plant trailer breakdowns and move set analysis for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • November 8, 2018 at 5:55 p.m. PST

Piranha Plant was the final character announced during last week's Nintendo Direct stream, and I'm sure nobody would have guessed he was coming even if he was leaked.

The classic Mario Bros. enemy will be the first piece of DLC released for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and the 70th fighter overall to make it to the roster — 75th if we count the Echo Fighters including Ken Masters.

The Smash series' longtime director, Masahiro Sakurai, didn't go into breaking down Piranha Plant's move set during the stream, so we currently only have his two trailers to base our early impressions on.

We're going to take a much closer look at the surprise character's attacks today and see why he's already shaping up to be much more than a joke character that many may have first believed him to be.

Obviously Piranha Plant is still being developed, so attacks and properties could change by the time he releases around February 2019. Right now, however, the sentient potted-plant looks to have good speed and normals though his specials are still a big question mark including the one which has the longest reach in the game.

Let's start off with arguably Piranha Plant's best attack shown off in the trailer which was his neutral-air. The move causes him to spin his side leaves around him for what appears to be a very good hitbox that can hit the opponent around nine times as the trailer shows. It could be one of Piranha Plant's best approaches depending on its recovery and landing lag.

Piranha Plant move breakdown image #1

Piranha Plant's sprinting attack makes him vault with good range but looks like it might be pretty punishable if blocked though still fast enough to follow up if it hits.

Piranha Plant move breakdown image #2

Side Smash is one of his first attacks we see and makes him grow thorns as he swings his head like a mace. Its start up doesn't look the fastest as he needs to wind up the swing, but it's certainly not slow. The trailer shows him comboing what appears to be down-tilt into forward-Smash.

Piranha Plant move breakdown image #3

The chomp special which is either neutral or down special is probably the longest reaching non-projectile attack in Smash Ultimate appearing to have much more range than Simon and Corrin's smash attacks. More interestingly, it is shown to have armor properties while his head is in the pot, as he is shown on multiple occasions to take a hit without being knocked out of the attack. It can also be aimed by tipping the pot in different directions.

Piranha Plant move breakdown image #4 Piranha Plant move breakdown image #5

Spike ball special might be his strangest as he can hold it above his head by blowing which could leave him open on the sides. He can shoot it off to the side to prevent that though. The attack looks like it could be used to punish characters as they try to recover while falling back to the stage. It also appears to have a recovery period before he can use another, as the trailer looks like it shows him failing to summon another right after launching the first.

Piranha Plant move breakdown image #6

Jab appears to be a couple of quick bites with decent range. Down-Smash makes him spin his pot for a pretty standard attack that hits both sides. Up-Smash makes his head / bite range wider and looks fairly strong.

Piranha Plant move breakdown image #7

Up special recovery can cover great distances both vertically and horizontally, but we don't know if his spinning leaves have a hitbox. If they don't, Piranha Plant will be open to attacks while using it.

Piranha Plant move breakdown image #8

Poison spit special requires a charge before it can be used at least to its full effect, as we see a purple glow appear around his feet once fully charged. The move itself turns his head a different color and creates a cloud in front of Piranha Plant that causes multiple hits of damage but no knock back. We also don't know if it actually causes poison damage over time though it seems unlikely that it will.

Piranha Plant move breakdown image #9

Down-air is a spiking attack that knocks opponents almost straight down which already makes it look quite strong on first glance due to its speed. Up-air appears to be pretty standard when compared to other fighters, as Piranha Plant flips backwards and knocks opponents higher into the air.

Piranha Plant move breakdown image #10

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